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WestConn Sweethearts

WestConn Sweethearts have a special relationship with the university. The WestConn Sweethearts program allows our married alumni couples to reconnect with their alma mater and meet others who share this special affinity with WCSU.

We invite our WestConn Sweethearts to dedicate a brick (by check) or to order online to honor their relationship with one another.

Below is a list of WestConn Sweethearts who have dedicated bricks in the WestConn Sweethearts area, located on the Midtown campus directly behind Fairfield Hall at the top of the Quadrangle. 

  • Robert and Megan Babcock
  • Morris and Carol Nahom Beers
  • Cole and Eileen Bushnell
  • Michael Carroll & Aileen Coghlan
  • Joe & Gina Coscina
  • James & Lynda Coyle
  • Kevin & Kathleen Cragin
  • Joseph and Cynthia Csire
  • Louis and Donna Cubelli
  • John Curran and Stephanie Tucci
  • Tom & Sharon DeJoseph
  • Brian & Tamara Douglas
  • Brian & Mary Downs
  • Richard and Ann Durant
  • Joseph and Patricia Durkin
  • Fran Dye & Kathy Mauks
  • Al and Fran Capozza Emanuele
  • Kenneth and Veronica Erdmann*
  • Geno & Diane Eriquezzo
  • Brian & Pamela Fagan
  • Robert & Darlene Ference
  • Bradley & Michelle Fidler
  • Kevin & Michelle Fiore
  • Kevin and Yvonne Fitzgerald
  • Michael & Margaret Fitzgerald
  • Elizabeth & Stephen Frank
  • Peter & Sally Gallagher
  • Robert & Mary Ellen Guere
  • Donald & Elizabeth Hallquist
  • Fred & Gloria Hanstein
  • Gordon & Linda Harris
  • David & Elaine Harter
  • Sean & Lillian Hope
  • Michael and Imogene Jaykus
  • George and Deborah Judd
  • Dana and Brian Kelly
  • Thomas and Jennifer Knox
  • Robert and Elizabeth Kocaba
  • Steve and Mary Leonard
  • Alf and Judith Liljeros*
  • Charles & Margret Maloney
  • Peter & Karen Marcato

*Founding WestConn Sweethearts member.

We invite you, our WestConn Sweethearts, to share your Met & Married stories with us so that we can published them on the WestConn Sweethearts Web page and possibly feature you in The Cupola magazine.

WestConn Sweethearts Stories