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Alumni : WestConn Sweethearts Stories

Todd and Tammy (Hammershoy) McInerney

Met: January 1996
Married: June 2000

Todd: BA, English Writing (’97)
Tammy: BA, English Writing (’97)

The story of how we met:
Tammy made the first move, of course. She called me—and a number of other journalism students—recruiting writers for The Echo. It was December 1995.

The next spring, we saw each other often in class and at weekly Echo meetings. I noticed her immediately. She did not hold the same interest, at first. It must have been my long hair. Instinct told me to cut it off. I think that did it. We grew close and officially started dating during Spring Break 1996, while producing Conatus, the literary magazine. We have been best friends ever since.