WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

Division of Student Affairs

Campus & Student Centers

Box Office Supervisor



In addition to the duties and responsibilities listed in the Building Manager position description, this position:

  1. Assists the Operations Manager with the daily operation of the University Box Office
  2. Assists the Operations Manager with staff training and supervision
  3. Maintains the University Box Office Telephone System
  4. Assists with Operation Manager with ticketing requests; consignments, reservations, and group orders
  5. Handles end-of-day processing on weekends and in the absence of the Operation Manager
  6. Responsible for maintaining ticketing and master customer files
  7. Performs other duties as assigned

SUPERVISION: Operations Manager

It’s more than a Job:

Part of the mission of Campus & Student Centers is to enhance the educational program by providing opportunities for student development through employment. All student manager/supervisor positions have the same core competencies and learning objectives. Those documents are an integral part of this position description. This position will emphasize:

  • Development of management skills
  • Strengthening organizational skills
  • Importance of commitment and integrity