WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

Division of Student Affairs

Campus & Student Centers

Building Manager



  1. Review daily reservation report for scheduled events, room setups and technology needs
  2. Responsible to ensure that the rooms are set-up in accordance with the customer’s needs and that all technology needs are in the room
  3. Make hourly rounds of the building to secure areas not in use, monitor condition of facilities, and check in with student employees on duty
  4. Responsible for securing the building at closing in accordance with the closing check list
  5. Cover the Information Desk, The Daily Grind and Game Room as necessary
  6. Print room event cards for the next day’s events and place at each location
  7. Assist in the supervision and training of the student staff
  8. Have a working knowledge of and enforce policies and procedures of Campus and Student Center, the University and State
  9. Complete the Building Manager Shift Report each shift
  10. Perform other duties as assigned

SUPERVISION: Operations Manager

It’s more than a Job:

Part of the mission of Campus & Student Centers is to enhance the educational program by providing opportunities for student development through employment. All student manager/supervisor positions have the same core competencies and learning objectives. Those documents are an integral part of this position description. This position will emphasize:

  • Development of management skills with emphasis on event management
  • Strengthening decision-making, conflict resolution, customer service and organizational skills
  • Enhance time-management skills
  • Importance of commitment and integrity