ITC : Information Technology Committee Meeting Agendas

December, 13 2008

Information Technology Committee Meeting

November 13, 2008, 12:00pm-1:30pm, OM 304

  1. Updates
  2. Student Questions/Needs:

    Microsoft Software At Home for Students
    SGA Requests
    MTCC – Number of computers & temperature issue
    Westside C4 – Temperature issue
    Rooms & hours for students to practice presentations at Westside
    Duplex printing in the labs – get the word out to faculty

  3. Classroom upgrade standards (instructor station and multi-station classroom)
    Faculty & Classroom software
  4. Faculty and Staff Upgrade Standards
    Laptop/Desktop – Specifications
  5. Bond Money

    FY08 Equipment Money
    FY09 Equipment Money
    FY08 New and Used MACHINE Allocation Spreadsheets

  6. Intersession Projects

    Replacement Plan
            WH219 Music Classroom/Lab & Practice Rooms
            BR017 Video Editing Classroom/Lab
            Haas/Young Library CPUs
            MTCC additional machines
            WA318 Software for Psychology
            Internet/email stations
            MIS Security Classroom/Lab
            Speakers in Mac Classrooms
            WH325B Social Science GIS Classroom/Lab
            WSCC back room monitor
    Evaluate RAM in various spaces in Replacement Plan
    Upgrade “Other” category machines
    Outlook/Exchange/smartphones conversion

  7. Next Meeting – December 11, 2008, 12pm-1:30pm, OM304