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Conflict Resolution

Department of Social Sciences: Fast, effective and confidential campus conflict management services. Many hands are seen cupping each other from several directions, with the title "Conflict Resolution Project" following the left edge of the picture and the Western Connecticut State University Logo in the bottom right corner.The campus Conflict Resolution Project (CRP) at Western Connecticut State University provides training, services, information and referrals to help solve problems and manage conflict –– quickly and effectively. This service is free to all members of the WCSU community.
The CRP believes that people have the right and the ability to solve their own problems in an informal setting and find solutions to fit their world.

Typical cases include:

  • Roommates/housemates
  • Co-workers
  • (Ex)boyfriends/(Ex)girlfriends
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Neighbors
  • Family members
  • Consumer/merchant
  • Faculty/student/staff
  • Diversity issues