Computer Science

Degree Programs

Bachelor Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Designed to meet the needs of students interested in software development. It can accommodate students who plan to enter the profession directly from college or who plan to continue with graduate study. The program is continuously revised to keep it up to date. The department recommends that all computer science majors pursue a minor in some field.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computing

Provides an understanding of fundamental & specialist areas of computing, necessary for innovative and creative computing specialists in business, industry and government.

Minors: Minor in Computer Science

A solid foundation in computer science, including software and hardware fundamentals

Minor in Security

A foundation in programming coupled with information systems security; acts as a bridge between the Computer Science and Management Information Systems discipline

Minor in Digital Media

Skills needed to organize and convey information and meaning using either still or animated images; acts as a bridge between Computer Science and Art disciplines

Minor in Informatics

The study of computer-based strategies for information production and retrieval; acts as a bridge between the Computer Science and natural and physical science disciplines

Minor in Web Development

A strong programming background in addition to other web related skills; acts as a bridge between the Computer Science and business disciplines

BS in Computer Science Enrollment and Degrees Awarded
Academic Year Fall Enrollment Degrees Awarded
2020-2021 105 13
2019-2020 127 16
2018-2019 157 12
2017-2018 135 19
2016-2017 137 16
2015-2016 125 12