Faculty Handbook

Mission Statement

Western Connecticut State University serves as an accessible, responsive and creative intellectual resource for the people and institutions of Connecticut.  We strive to meet the educational needs of a diversified student body through instruction, scholarship and public service.  Western aspires to be a public university of choice for programs of excellence in the liberal arts and the professions by providing full-time and part-time students with the necessary background to be successful in their chosen careers and to be productive members of society.  It accomplishes this by emphasizing:

  • A strong liberal arts foundation
  • Strong skills in communication, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Opportunities for experiential, cooperative, and internship experiences
  • A strong background in information technologies
  • Interdisciplinary programs
  • A strong sense of commitment to public service
  • A personalized learning environment

Our mission as a public comprehensive University is given life through the principles and values that guide us.



  • Empowering students to attain the highest standards of academic achievement, public and professional services, personal development, and ethical conduct is our fundamental responsibility.
  • Facilitating learning is our primary function, and it requires that our faculty be active scholars who have a lasting interest in enhancing instruction and that our curriculum be dynamic and include advanced instructional technologies.
  • Preparing students for enlightened and productive participation in a global society is our obligation and is best fulfilled by developing the best possible academic programs and learning experiences.
  • Promoting a rich and diverse cultural environment that allows freedom of expression within a spirit of civility and mutual respect is our abiding commitment.
  • Strengthening our partnership with the people and institutions of Connecticut is a benefit to both the University and the state and endows our teaching and scholarship with a special vitality and dedication.


  • Quality and integrity in all that we do, and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Respect for the dignity and rights of each member of our University community.

Approved by University Senate Dec. 9, 1998 (R98-12-1)
Approved by President, December, 1998
Editorial Changes 2/27/03
Senate Approved changes R-03-11-02
Approved by President, December 17, 2003


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