Planning Department

Higgins Hall Annex Learning Emporium

Midtown Campus

Description:  Existing vacant classroom space on the first floor level of Higgins Hall Annex shall be reconfigured into a 3,500 square-foot Learning Emporium and computer-equipped tutorial learning center.  It is anticipated that various academic departments will utilize this new learning environment to provide individualized student learning with computer-assisted instructional support.

The scope of work shall include new walls, acoustical treatment, new ceiling systems, lighting and flooring.  New HVAC duct distribution and VAV systems will be designed and installed and connected to the existing rooftop chiller and building infrastructure.  The Emporium shall be equipped with computers, printers, computer work stations for approximately ninety students, as well as Smartboards and white marker boards for the space.

Space Reconfiguration
Project Budget
3,500 sq. ft.
In design
Architectural Design
Engineering Consultant
Kohler Ronan, LLC; Danbury, CT
Target Completion
Fall 2013
Last updated:  04/16/13