Property Management

Surplus Equipment

Disposition of Surplus Equipment

The Property Management Department will be responsible for inspecting the item(s) and making the determination of the method of disposition that will be in the best interest of the University.  Options may include:

  1. Intra-University Reassignment: the Property Management department will attempt to identify other departments within the university that may utilize items from surplus.
  2. Trade-in of inventory: the Property Management department and Purchasing will coordinate to identify opportunities to achieve lower prices by utilizing surplus property as trade-ins when purchasing new equipment and/or supplies.
  3. Transfer to other CSU universities: the Property Management department shall make surplus property available to the other universities of the CSU System.
  4. Transfer to other state agencies: the Property Management department will attempt to identify other state agencies that can utilize surplus items.
  5. Public sale:  in the event that no other university department or other State agency is identified as a potential recipient of surplus property the Property Management department may sell surplus property by making a public offering.  Sales to the general public will be held on an “as-needed” basis and shall be the result of public notice no less then ten days prior to the scheduled sale.  Every item offered for sale to the general public will be sold “as is and where is” and will be either publicly auctioned, sold by competitive sealed bid or will be clearly marked with a price that has been determined by the Property Management department as a fair price based on the existing market, the condition of the item(s) and other salient factors.
  6. Discard or Donate: surplus property may also at the discretion of the Property Management department be discarded, donated or recycled with proper documentation maintained as a permanent record and such disposal to be attested to by the signature of the Property Management department and Vice President for Finance and Administration, Director of Administrative Services or Chief Financial Officer.
    Electronic Waste Recycling Plan (pdf)


If a department makes the determination that an item(s) is considered to be unserviceable, the department will provide the Property Management department with a detailed list of the inventory items to surplus, and will request disposal.  Request for disposal form (pdf) The Dept VP, Chair or Dean must sign this request form. The Property Management unit will obtain the additional signatures required.

The Property Management department will be responsible for making the necessary adjustment to the Property Control records within the fiscal year the property is disposed.  A disposal of property must be recorded as a deletion on the CO-59 (Appendix 2) to the Office of the Comptroller.

The Property Management Request for Disposal form and the Electronic Waste Recycling plan are  presented in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download and install it from Adobe’s web site.