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Chair: Gabriel I. Lomas, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counseling at WCSU
Co-Chair: Matthew Curry, NCSP, School Psychologist at Monroe Public Schools
Co-Chair: Rebecca Wade-Rancourt, LCSW, Assistant Professor of Social Work – WCSU


The Western Connecticut Regional Crisis Team seeks to provide a collaborative and supportive environment for school district helping professionals within the greater Danbury region for the purpose of professional development related to school crises, school safety, as well as active support in school-related crises.


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School helpers, leaders, resource officers, and community agencies commit to an interdisciplinary collaboration to develop and maintain an integrated, effective, and consistent response to school-based crises. Additionally, we commit to strategies to prevent crisis events which are appropriate for each district and school.


  1. Meet regularly to participate in collaborative professional development related to crisis and safety.
  2. Meet at least annually to receive training germane to school safety and crisis.
  3. Ensure that all schools have current safety plans at the building and district levels.
  4. Collaborate with first responders to improve communication and response procedures.
  5. Vet all members of our team through regular interactions.
  6. Support member schools by offering consultation and feedback, or by offering direct responsive services using crisis team members.


  1. To provide professional development related to all aspects of school safety planning, including prevention and intervention.
  2. To establish relationships among the region’s school districts that will create a network of professionals who become available to each other for both formal and informal support.
  3. To provide on-site support to member districts upon the occurrence of a crisis event within or related to a school, at the request of the district.
  4. To support the review of school safety plans and provide feedback to strengthen said plans.


Gabriel I. Lomas, Ph.D., RCT Chair
Associate Professor of Counseling

Western Connecticut State University
Education and Educational Psychology
181 White St
Danbury, CT 06810
203-837-8512 (phone)
203-837-8413 (fax)
lomasg@wcsu.edu (email)