Social Work

Assessment Results of Student Learning Outcomes – CSWE

WCSU’s Social Work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  As part of our accreditation, we measure the percent of our graduating students who score as competent or highly competent in the nine competencies set forth by the CSWE.  We set a benchmark of 90% of each graduating class scoring as competent or higher in each competency.


Summary of the Program’s Assessment Plan | Generalist Practice

There are two instruments that are used to assess the percentage of students who are meeting the accreditation standards for the generalist level of practice for baccalaureate social work programs.  The first measure includes scoring from a multi-stage Capstone Assessment paper assigned in SW400, Senior Integrative Seminar, which was developed as generalist practice capstone course.  This paper, scored by faculty members, measures the students’ understanding of and proficiency in executing the CSWE Competencies in a paper where they describe their fictitious interactions with a client or client group from a film.   The second instrument is the End of the Semester Field Evaluation which is completed by field instructors, practitioners who supervise students at their field practicums.