Social Work : Meet our Faculty and Staff

Karen R. McLean, MSW, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department Chair

B.A. University of Connecticut
M.S.W. University of Connecticut School of Social Work
Ph.D. University of Connecticut School of Social Work

Office location

White Hall, Suite 101B

Phone and Email:
(203) 837-8937


Biographical Information

Dr. McLean has been a faculty member of the Social Work department at WCSU since Fall 2015 where she focuses on policy and macro practice. Dr. McLean is a graduate of the University of Connecticut where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Masters of Social Work Degree and Doctor of Philosophy from the School of Social Work. Dr. McLean’s previous work experience stems over 26 years of public service in social welfare, where she worked as a social worker and a fair hearings officer. Dr. McLean worked as an adjunct professor for over 10 years prior to joining WCSU full-time at several universities including Capital Community College, the University of Connecticut School of Social Work, Smith College School for Social Work, and Simmons College School of Social Work.

Dr. McLean’s research interests include community-based participatory research, cultural diversity, and social work mentoring. She has coauthored a book with Dr. Harris on cultural diversity with an emphasis on social work practice. Dr. McLean’s current research projects include examining self-care practices with undergraduate social work students, the mentoring experiences of African American social work students at predominantly white institutions (PWI), and the experiences of hair discrimination practice among students of color. Dr. McLean aspires to increase dialogue and knowledge on understanding differences across communities in order to foster change.

Peer-reviewed publications:

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Peer-reviewed presentations:

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