Social Work

New Student FAQ

Who will help me pick my classes?

All social work majors are assigned an advisor.  Your advisor will meet with you once a semester to help you select your classes and answer any questions you have about the program or the profession of social work.  You are encouraged to meet with your advisor any time you have concerns or need a little help along the way.  Your advisor is your go-to person in the social work faculty.  You can find out who your advisor is by looking at your My Banner page.  Feel free to email them to say hello!

How will I find about about important dates and department news?

All Department of Social Work students are required to have a WestConn e-Mail account. Students are advised to check their e-mail frequently for announcements and communications including information about important events, meetings, scholarships, current courses, new courses, and application deadlines for Professional Level 1 and 2.  The Department will communicate with students through Blackboard and the WestConn e-mail system, and not through students’ personal e-mail addresses.

What is Professional Level 1 and when do I apply?

Although you may be a social work major, you will need to apply to the program in order to move on to the internship stage of the program. Your first field placement internship will be the spring of your junior year. You will apply for Professional Level 1 the fall of your junior year.  In order to be accepted into PL1 there are GPA requirements and course criteria that must be met.  Please discuss these with your advisor and look them over in the Social Work Program Requirements.  Our class size is limited by the availability of field placements in the community. This means it is a competitive program and acceptance into the program is not guaranteed.