The Western Connection Program

Admission Criteria

Students with special education needs who…

  • are 18–21 years of age.
  • have met the high school academic requirements, but are still enrolled in high school.
  • have demonstrated interest/ motivation to attend and complete assigned work in classes at WCSU.
  • are able to perform with appropriate support in a college setting.
  • 1-2 work experiences during high school preferred.
  • are able to obtain and maintain competitive or supported employment in the community.
  • have a desire for paid employment.

The successful application process involves…

  • recommendation of the IEP Team.
  • observation by program teacher in class and vocational settings.
  • site visit by student/family.
  • submission of application and supporting forms/evaluations.
  • review by the Western Connection selection committee.
  • family/guardian/school district agreement.