Parking Rules and Regulations


Western Connecticut State University, acting by virtue of powers vested by the Board of Trustees through Section 10a-92 of the Connecticut General Statutes and the Connecticut State Traffic Commission, establishes traffic and parking rules, regulations, and fines to control the use of all motor vehicles on university property.

These rules and regulations facilitate control of vehicle parking and traffic on campus and are legally enforceable by the officers of the university police department, as provided in Section 10a-142 of the Connecticut General Statutes. In addition, all applicable statutes of the motor vehicle section of the Connecticut General Statutes apply to all owners and/or operators of motor vehicles on university property.

The university reserves the right to amend, supplement, revise, alter, rescind, or add to these rules and regulations by press release to The Echo and the WestConn Report.

Western Connecticut State University assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of a vehicle or its contents at any time while it is parked or operated on campus. For protection, vehicles should be properly secured at all times.

Parking Permits
Every university employee and student who parks a motor vehicle on university property must obtain and display a permit.

Parking permits are now available online at  If you are unable to access this service, permits can be obtained in person at the University Police Department located on  the Midtown campus, Roberts Avenue, which is open 24 hours a day, telephone 203-837-9300.  The Westside Parking Office is no longer open and no business is being transacted there.

Students must register their vehicle with the university.  In the event that the online process is down, please bring a completed Student Vehicle Registration Form along with a copy of your vehicle's current Department of Motor Vehicle registration to the Police Department.

Any questions or problems, please contact Monica Allen  at or Rick Montefusco at


For staff and faculty, parking permits are assigned to an individual; for students, permits are assigned to the vehicle. Students are allowed to register only one vehicle on campus. Fines associated with the permit are the responsibility of the permit holder. Lost or stolen permits should be immediately reported to the University Police.   There is a $10.00 replacement fee to obtain a new permit.

Full-time faculty and staff hangtags will be mailed out via interoffice mail starting July 1st.  The hangtags will no longer have an expiration date and you will be required to turn your permit into the parking office or police department upon termination of employment with the University.

Adjunct faculty/part-time staff will receive hangtags that expire at the end of each semester.  They will be mailed out via interoffice mail starting August 1st.  Full time faculty/staff hangtags do not expire.  You need to contact the parking office if you need to replace a lost/stolen hangtag.

Student parking permits will be issued for the fall semester starting July 1st.  You must fill out the student vehicle registration (available online or in the parking office) and provide a copy of your CURRENT vehicle registration.  Students are only allowed to register ONE vehicle.  If a second permit is issued, the first permit issued will be deactivated.

Violation of this policy may result in towing and/or loss of parking privileges.  If you need to drive a different vehicle for one week or less, you must call the parking office during business hours with the vehicle information.  If you will be driving a different vehicle for one to two weeks, you need to go to the parking office with the vehicle registration and get a temporary permit.

Commuter permits for full-time students will be issued based on class year.  For example, a freshman would be issued a 4-year permit, sophomore 3-years and so on.  Part-time and graduate students will be issued permits based on their expected date of completion.

Midtown resident students will be issued 1-year permits and Westside residents will be given 2-year permits.  If your housing status changes during the year, you must come to the parking office and update your permit.

Traffic and Parking Regulations
Posted speed limits will be enforced. Where no limit is posted, speed will be limited to that which is reasonable and proper for existing traffic and weather conditions and for surface conditions on roads and in parking lots.

Pedestrians shall have the right of way at all times on university property.

No person shall park a vehicle on university property unless a current parking permit is properly displayed in/on the vehicle or the vehicle is registered with the university police.

Commuter students parking at the Midtown campus must park in the Fifth Avenue/Osborne Street Garage unless the garage is full.  A valid WestConnect ID card is required and must be presented at the card reader to both enter and exit the garage through the automatic gates.  When the Fifth Avenue garage is at capacity, the sign in front of the entrance will advise students that there are no more spaces available.  When this occurs, commuter students may park in the White Street garage.

Commuter students parking at the Westside campus must park in student parking lots (Westside Classroom Building-north, O'Neill Center-west), or on University Boulevard, Access Road and Sand Road.

Midtown campus resident students must park in the White Street Garage. 

Westside campus residents must park in the lots designated for Pinney or Grasso Halls or in the Centennial Hall garage.  Westside resident parking permits are not valid anywhere on the Midtown campus.  Westside residents should use the Colonial Shuttle to get to the Midtown campus.  If you insist on driving your vehicle, you must use either a legal street parking space (very limited) or the City of Danbury public parking facilities.

Any student vehicle parked in any other place on either campus will be subject to ticketing and/or towing at its owner's expense. Student parking areas are clearly designated with posted signs.

Visitor parking is only allowed in the Old Main Visitor Parking Lot, the front lot at University Hall and on the Westside Campus on University Boulevard and at the entrance to the Faculty/Staff Lot at the WSCB. Students, staff and faculty are not permitted to park in designated visitor parking areas.

Faculty and staff must park in designated faculty/staff lots.  All vehicles parked on campus shall be within designated parking spaces as marked.

Parking is prohibited in the following areas: in driveways, on walkways and grassed areas, within yellow-lined areas (excluding parking garage interiors), in service and loading areas or any area where official signs or markings indicate Restricted or No Parking.

There is NO student parking in any of the surface lots on Midtown at any time.

Overnight parking (11 p.m. to 6 a.m.) is prohibited in any of the Midtown campus surface lots (i.e., the faculty/staff lot off Fifth Avenue; the White Hall/Fairfield Hall lot off White Street; University Hall lots, front and back; Haas Library Lot, the Visitors Lot at Old Main and the Newbury Hall lot off Roberts Avenue).   Any vehicles parked in those lots during that time will be ticketed for overnight parking regardless of how long the vehicle was parked there.  Midtown residents who have visitors should advise their guests to park in the White Street garage.

Overnight parking is available at the Midtown campus parking garage on White Street and the Centennial Hall Garage at Westside, on all levels except the top decks "during the winter months.

The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of these regulations. Parking on campus is limited and cannot be guaranteed.

The university reserves the right to tow any vehicle that is illegally parked. Owners of towed vehicles will be required to pay all costs involved in the removing, impounding, and storage of such vehicles. In addition to the impounding fees, a parking violation fine will be assessed.

After three or more parking violations the violator may be called before the campus judicial board and/or lose his or her parking privileges on university property.

No person shall remove, destroy, or tamper with a parking violation notice which has been issued. No person shall use a fictitious or counterfeit permit or give false information in the application for a permit. No person shall fail to surrender to the university police, upon demand, any Western Connecticut State University parking permit.

Staff, faculty, and students must assume responsibility for informing their guests of the university's parking regulations. Temporary and visitor permits may be obtained from the University Police Department Parking Office located in the Westside Classroom Building, WS247D.   Parking in the Old Main Visitor's Lot is limited to One hour. If the visitor knows that they will be more than one hour, they must obtain a Temporary Visitor Pass from the Police Department on Roberts Avenue and place it on the dashboard of their vehicle.

No person shall destroy or in any way deface any sign or traffic control device.

Because of the high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, standard traffic regulations and definitions, as enacted into the motor vehicle laws of the state of Connecticut, will be rigidly enforced on university property at all times. If necessary, violations of any rule or regulation noted in this document will be pursued by the university in the appropriate court of law.

Violation Fines and Appeals
Violators shall be fined for each violation indicated on the ticket. Fines range between $15.00, $20.00 and $25.00 (depending upon the violation) and must be paid upon issuance at the cashier's office on the 1st floor of Old Main, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   Violators are also subject to state infractions (tickets, which carry a minimum fine of $75.00.)

Failure to pay parking fines may result in one or more of the following:

1.      Denial of permission to register for classes

2.      Withholding of academic transcript records or grades

3.      Revocation of parking privileges on campus

4.      Disciplinary action

5.      Sanctions by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

6.      Legal action

Appeals of parking tickets issued shall be made to the Parking Violation Appeal Committee. Appeal forms must be completed and filed within 5 business days (Monday -  Friday) from the date the ticket was issued. Forms may be picked up at the the University Police Department, Roberts Avenue, or the Parking Office in the Westside Classroom Building, WS247D, or the Cashier's Office in Old Main.

If the Parking Violation Appeal Committee grants an appeal, the information will be forwarded to the Cashier's Office and the ticket will be voided. Anyone who appeals a ticket will be notified in writing of the committee's decision. The Committee's decision is final and cannot be amended once a decision has been made.

Parking Restrictions

Contractor Parking - Due to the limited parking available at Midtown, all persons issued a contractor parking permit that work on the Midtown Campus must park in the White Street Garage.  If the need should arise to park elsewhere, specific authorization from the Police Department must be obtained.  Contractors are defined as those who work for an outside agency or vendor that provide services on campus or those independent persons working for limited time periods under outside contracts.

Monday through Thursday 7 am to 5 pm : Resident students must park their vehicles in the designated parking areas on the campus of residence. After 5 pm, resident students may park their vehicles on either campus provided they park in a student designated lot or area.


Snow ban parking restrictions -  When snow ban parking is in effect, in anticipation of snow or other severe weather, or due to snow and icy conditions, it may become necessary to clear all surface parking lots (regardless of designation), the top decks of all campus parking garages, and all of University Blvd, Grasso Drive, Centennial Drive and the O'Neil Access Road (Feldman Drive), in order to facilitate snow and/or ice removal operations.

Whenever it becomes necessary to institute such a parking ban, the police will make REASONABLE attempts to notify registrants.  These reasonable attempts may include notices via electronic mail or postings and direct notification of residence hall directors.  Parking restrictions will be posted on the university website,an announcement will be put on the Weather Alert Line 203-837-9377 and a MIR3 Emergency Message Notifications Alert will be sent out to all who have signed up for this free campus service.

Parking during snow ban parking restriction periods will be provided as follows:

Midtown Campus - All Midtown campus Residents must park in the White Street garage (except for the top deck).

Westside Campus - all Westside Campus Residents must park in the Centennial Garage (except for the top deck), on Sand Road, or in the O'Neil Center Main lot (as designated).


Parking priority will be given to faculty, staff and students attending classes at the Westside Classroom Building when special events are scheduled there.

When an event is scheduled on the Westside campus and classes are in session, the Facilities Utilization and Promotion (FUP) director will notify the Office of the Ancell School of Business Dean in advance of the event.  The dean's office will advise the FUP and the Police Department of the number of students and faculty/staff expected to attend.

The Police Department will then identify adequate parking in the Faculty and Staff Lot and the Student Lot for the period of time the event(s) are in progress.

The Police Department will also place around campus temporary signage in appropriate locations to advise motorists of event parking.

The FUP will coordinate parking with the client and/or the appropriate university official and offer to arrange for golf carts or other transportation at the expense of the client.


Changes have been made to the parking on the Westside Campus to accommodate construction.

Commuter students parking at the Westside campus must park in student parking lots (temporary Commuter Lot on Sand Road, O'Neill Center-west), or on University Boulevard, Access Road and Sand Road.  Overflow parking for commuters during class hours will be allowed in the Centennial Hall parking garage.

Westside campus residents must park in the lot designated for the hall where they reside (Pinney or Grasso Halls or in the Centennial Hall Garage) AND must also obtain an additional zone parking sticker which designates their authorized parking zone.  All vehicles must be registered with the University Police Department's Parking Office and have a valid Westside parking permit in order to obtain their zone permit.  Only resident vehicles will be allowed to park in their designated lots.  Violators will be ticketed and towed.

Westside resident parking permits are not valid anywhere on the Midtown campus.  Westside residents should use the Colonial shuttle to get to the Midtown campus.  If you insist on driving your vehicle, you must use either a legal street parking space (very limited), or the City of Danbury public parking facilities.

Midtown residents may not park on the Westside Campus Monday through Thursday 7am to 5pm. You must use the Colonial Shuttle.

For more information, contact:

University Police Department Parking Office

Westside Classroom Building, WS247D


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