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Western Connecticut State University (“WCSU”) asserts that all students have the right to be free from interpersonal violence such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence. WCSU prohibits any student from infringing upon these rights within our campus community. A set of guidelines and procedures have been designed to provide students important information regarding the systems that are in place at WCSU to support any student whose rights have been violated. The university will take prompt action based on violations of the Student Code of Conduct while simultaneously supporting students who also wish to pursue formal legal action for crimes that may have been committed.

These guidelines and procedures have been developed to comply with Connecticut Public Act 14-11, effective July 1, 2014. This legislation requires universities to adopt and disclose policies related to sexual assault on campuses. These guidelines must include the following:

  • Information about on and off campus reporting procedures
  • Details about where students can receive support and services
  • Summaries of the institution’s disciplinary procedures (Student Code of Conduct)
  • Assistance for students who wish to change their living arrangements, classes, or work schedule following an assault
  • Plans for how the university will honor protective and/or restraining orders
  • Training for all new students and employees within first academic year of their arrival to the university.
  • Definitions
The Legislation requires colleges and universities to keep a victim’s identity and personal information as private as possible if they report a sexual assault. In addition, universities must provide primary prevention and awareness education related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking and intimate partner violence for all students. While WCSU has always followed these principles regarding these incidents, the new legislation ensures that students will be fully supported. University Anonymous Incident Reporting System

BOR/CSCU Sexual Misconduct Reporting, Supportive Services and Processes Policy

BOR/CSCU Statement of Title IX Policy

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CSCU Student Code of Conduct


Link/Access Point to the Not Anymore/Title IX Online Training Portal Options for reporting an incident Sexual Misconduct Campaigns* SPARC Stalking Awareness Resource(s)* CaRRT Phone Numbers University CaRRT/CaRRT Past Sponsored Events *Note: These listed resources are meant to offer useful information about external university services and/or guidance. WCSU is about promoting positive mental health and wellness. As a university community, we understand that the success of students hinge on providing competent, collaborative, and committed resources. Our staff and/or counselors at the Office of Counseling Services, Office of Health Services, CHOICES and/or the Center for Empowerment and Education (formerly the Women’s Center for Greater Danbury) are equipped with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to meet the regional needs of students across the campus.   WCSU Brochures, Handouts and Links CaRRT Announcement: WCSU Bill of Rights CaRRT Brochure: What to do if this happens? (PDF) (updated 2.05.2019) CaRRT Brochure: WCSU Campus/Personal Safety Plan (PDF) CaRRT Handout: WCSU Informal Resolution Procedure (compl. 9.04.2020) CaRRT Handout: Resource Guide for Accused Students with Judicial Actions (PDF) CaRRT Handout: Flow Chart on SEXUAL ASSAUL, HARASSMENT, IPV, and STALKING Reporting Options

CaRRT Handout: GUIDELINES – Interpersonal Violence Procedure

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