Dr. Rayda Krell


I am an entomologist, but I am also very interested in science communication and science policy. I currently teach the non-majors biology course “Concepts of Biology” and the required course for biology majors, “Modes of Scientific Communication.” In the past, I have taught group senior research and a science policy seminar class for the M.S. program in Integrative Biological Diversity. I also currently mentor a student on research to explore invertebrate biodiversity on plants in the family Podostemaceae.  

My past research experience is in agroecosystems in Iowa and California and with tick-borne disease prevention with Dr. Connally.

I am working with local partners to develop a research program to understand emerging invasive insect species and the effect of invasive plants on insect biodiversity.

I enjoy sharing my love of insects through outreach efforts at local schools and nature centers, often with the help of WCSU students, and I serve in several roles for the Entomological Society of America.

Additional Information

One of my main projects in the past year has been as a co-author of the 7th edition of the textbook, Entomology and Pest Management, which will be available by Fall 2021. I am also involved in efforts to increase diversity in STEM. I enjoy collaborative work and am always interested to meet with students who have research interests that intersect with entomology.