Research Opportunities


  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)
    The WCSU Biology SURF Program gives undergraduate students an opportunity to experience and participate in hands-on research projects in the summertime under the guidance of experienced mentors. Go here for the latest application information.


  • Student Independent Study (SIS) BIO 299
    An SIS experience can encompass a range of activities, including bench research, field studies, working with museum collections, or simply learning new techniques and skills. Applications must be completed in conjunction with a faculty mentor, and are due by April 23 for Summer and Fall SIS or by November 23 for Spring SIS.


  • Group Senior Research BIO 480
    In this required course, students work in a group to learn the skills and techniques necessary for designing and carrying out a research project related to the research specialty of the faculty member leading the course and integrated with the primary scientific literature. Students participate in laboratory and written activities and engage in peer discussion and evaluation. The course includes seminar attendance requirements, and may include guest presentations, field trips and other experiences designed to inspire student interest in real-life scientific investigation. The course also fulfills the general education competencies for “Writing Intensive Tier III” and “Culminating Experience”.


  • Advanced Senior Research BIO 490
    In lieu of BIO 480, students may opt for a more rigorous, independent senior research experience. Students and a sponsoring faculty member will collaborate, one-on-one, on an original research project. Students must negotiate a plan of action with a faculty member, and submit a written hypothesis-driven proposal for approval by the Department by the end of the semester prior to enrollment in the course. The course also fulfills the general education competencies for “Writing Intensive Tier III” and “Culminating Experience”.

Biology faculty also offer research opportunities to students via other mechanisms (e.g., grant-funded internships). Interested students should contact individual faculty members to learn about how to get involved with individual faculty-mentored research projects.