Biology : Undergraduate Programs

Biology Major – Professional Option

The Professional Option prepares students planning to move on to graduate school in biological sciences or professional school (e.g. medical, dental, veterinary school), or who plan to work in entry-level biology positions (e.g. research technician).

Biology Major (Professional) Required Courses:
BIO 103, 104 General Biology I & II
BIO 200 Ecology
BIO 205 Animal Physiology
BIO 260 Scientific Communication
BIO 300 Cell Biology
BIO 312 Genetics
BIO 325 Evolutionary Biology
BIO 480/490 Group/Advanced Senior Research
CHE 110, 111 General Chemistry I & II
CHE 210, 211 Organic Chemistry I & 11
Biology electives – 6-8 SH as approved by Department.

Math or science electives – 14 SH as approved by Department.

Biology undergraduate course descriptions may be found here.