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Group Photo WDoS 2019

A little over 600 volunteers helped over 20 not-for-profit organizations in the Greater Danbury Area. From clearing trails at a local horse farm to painting fences, sorting through donated clothes, cleaning, pulling weeds or washing fire trucks and police cars, there was something worthwhile to do everywhere. Generally, all volunteers had fun and organizations appreciated the help.

September 17, 2021 WCSU Day of Service: 

We held our WCSU Day of Service on September 17. Thank you to all students, faculty and staff who volunteered this year! We had a little over 600 volunteers perform in-person volunteer activities across the Greater Danbury Area.  These activities were pods of students doing outdoor or indoor activities like gardening, painting, picking up litter, raking, cleaning, or clearing trails.

We will keep you informed via this web page and email once we have set the date for next year’s WCSU Day of Service.  You can sign up as individuals or student organizations can also sign up to volunteer together.  Please note that if you are under the age of 18 we would need permission from your parent to participate. Your parent could send a short email to just stating your name, their relationship to you and that they give permission for you to participate in WCSU Day of Service.

Students, faculty, and staff please check back for the date of our 8th Annual Western Day of Service. Sign up to volunteer with one of the many non-profit organizations in our community.

Online Participant Registration Form and Statement of Due Warning, Assumption of Risk and Responsibility Form now available.

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Questions?  Call the Dean of Students’ office at 203-837-9700