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Engage General Questions


Q: I cannot log into Engage, what do I do?

Use your WCSU credentials to log in. If you were not able to log in, please email

Q: How do I update my club/organization page on Engage?

If you have permissions to make changes to your organization, you may edit your organization’s details by selecting Manage from the switchboard, opening up the org tool drawer, and selecting About. Once approved in CSI, the changes will update in Engage.

For directions visit: Updating your Organization

Q: Why can’t I update my club/organization?

All club presidents have organization administration rights to update/change their club. If you are an e-board member of this club, you can gain these administration rights (if needed and approved by the president) by the president making the changes or contacting CSI at

Q: How do I add or change the e-board members of my club/organization?

Only e-board members and administration staff can add officers to a club. If you want to invite specific users to join your organization, navigate to Manage from the switchboard and click on the Roster tool from the organization tool drawer. E-board members are responsible for approving student membership. Be sure to notify student to accept the invitation in order for them to be officially added to the club roster. 

For directions visit: Inviting New Members to Join an Organization

Q: Where can I access club forms?

Simply click on the Forms tab while on the Explore view of Engage.  START the form you would like to use and fill out to the best of your ability. Then click the ‘SUBMIT” for approval. Once forms are submitted, the CSI office will request approval from the  Club Treasurer, President, and Advisor. Simply click thumbs up to approve. Thumbs down to deny.  Additional forms can be found within the applicable organization or branch page.  

Q: How can I find clubs I am interested in joining?

Finding organizations is simple in Engage!

To search for existing organizations, navigate to the Organizations tab in the toolbar at the top of your site when you log in. You will be shown all organizations by default. From this list, you can search for an organization by name using the search feature. If you aren’t sure of the exact organization you are looking for, you can also explore organizations by Organization Category. All clubs are advised to add as many categories to their page, so that students can find a club that have their interests.

Q: How do I find the contact information for a club?

Navigate to the Organizations tab in the toolbar at the top of your site when you log in. You will be shown all organizations by default. Select the club you’re interested. From here, click on the ‘contact’ button on the right and you’ll be able to send the club a message. You can also join the club by clicking “join”

Q: How can I create an event on Engage?

Only primary contacts and positions with full access over Events can create events within an organization. If you do not have the proper permissions, you should first refer to your primary contact or your site administrators in order to request the required access.

Manage your organization by selecting Manage from the switchboard and choosing your organization. Then go to Events in the organization tool menu. All events must be approved by CSI. Once the event is approved, it will show up in Engage.

For directions visit: Creating a New Event in your Organization

Q: How do I find the event ID for my event?

Engage creates two distinct IDs for events once they have been created. While these may not be integral for general users, they can be important in certain forms of reporting, especially for users of the Engage API. 

For directions visit:  Event IDs

Q: How do I track attendance for my event? 

Using the Event Check-in App is easy! Similar to card-swiping, an organization officer or administrator will need to be able to pull the access code for the event but can share this access code with any member of campus to assist in checking users into the event. In contrast to card swiping, the event check-in app expertly assures user privacy and streamlines the check-in process with no need for student IDs at all. 

Learn more about events attendance by visiting: 

Tracking Event Participation and Event Check-in App FAQs

Q: What is an Event Pass? And how do I access my event pass? 

Similar to the mobile boarding passes used on airlines, every user is provided a secure unique mobile Event Pass for check-in at events. As you show up to events, pull up your Event Pass and the event organizer can scan you in. This automatically connects to your account to ensure you’re assigned participation for the event.

Where is my event pass located? You can find your Event Pass by accessing your User Drawer in the top right of the screen by clicking on your name or initial. An “Event Pass” option will appear and be available for you to access at any time. We suggest downloading the event pass to your phone and add it to your “wallet” for future use to check into on campus events. 

Q: How can I get more students to attend my club’s events?

When creating an event, be sure to add categories to your event. Here are some categories: free food, community service, music, free, etc. These categories allow students to find events that interest them.

Event Categories are customizable tags on events that can be used to filter the Event Directory. When an administrator creates an event category, they can identify if the category should be assignable by anyone on campus or if its use should be restricted to administrators. If an event category is not restricted, it can be assigned to the event as part of the event submission or change request process. 

Visit: Assigning an Event Category to an Existing Event

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