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WCSU Faculty Handbook : Curriculum and Academic Standards


Date: July 2, 2012

With respect to the proposed Distance Education Policy, we make the following recommendations.

For online and hybrid instruction to be effective here at WCSU it is recommended that CELT become the faculty-driven catalyst for addressing technology and learning. Purpose: in order to perform this function CELT’s profile and resources need to be augmented and strengthened. Specifically, the Senate Distance Education Committee, in cooperation with Information Technology & Innovation, create a series of faculty workshops focusing on the development and maintenance of online courses. The committee should also create a best practices document to assist faculty in the creation and evaluation of their online offerings.

That Information Technology & Innovation modify the university’s installation of its current course management software (CMS) to require all new users–faculty and students–to complete an online tutorial before being able to use said system. Purpose: to ensure that new users demonstrate minimum standards for using the CMS.

That Information Technology & Innovation create and make available to each academic department an anonymous online version of the student opinion survey instrument with content identical to that ordinarily in use by the department or one that has been designed or approved by the department specifically for online use in accordance with Article 4.11.8 of the CSU-AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement. The procedure for administering the survey shall also be subject to approval by the department as provided for in Article 4.11.8.

That Information Technology & Innovation modify its course registration system such that hybrid courses receive two room assignments, one physical and one “ONLINE.” Purpose: to provide a simple mechanism for identifying hybrid courses in online course listings.

That the procedure for scheduling an online course be no more difficult than for onsite classes, requiring the same sequence of approvals and paperwork. Department Chairs must remain cognizant of any substantive changes to a program as the percentage of online courses expands, as per NEASC guidelines. Purpose: to foster and facilitate the creation of online courses as a regular component of a term’s offerings.


Senate Approval 5/8/2013 (R-13-5-1)

Senate Approval December 14, 2016

President’s Approval 6/11/13

Senate Approval 11/16/16

Sharepoint CD1213187 Approval 7/17/13

Administrative Approval 1/3/17