Faculty Handbook

Academic Deans

The Academic Deans provide leadership for development, supervision, and evaluation of personnel and programs in the departments of their Schools.  The Academic Deans coordinate interschool functions with other deans; serve on most University-wide committees; and are responsible for the planning and management of their individual schools.  Each Academic Dean makes recommendations and reports to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Responsibilities of the Academic Deans include:

  • Planning, organizing, staffing, allocating resources, directing, coordinating, controlling, and evaluating appropriate departments and offices.
  • Enforcing policies and regulations of the Board, University, Administration, and Senate.
  • Overseeing the educational tasks (admissions, advising, promotional, student programs, etc.) of their schools and their efficient conduct and management.
  • Overseeing and assessing the curricula and quality of instruction of the schools and the assignment of duties to all personnel.
  • Serving as spokesperson for their schools.


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