Faculty Handbook

General Education Designation Approval Process

The approval process for courses seeking to be given a general education designation.

In order for a course to be considered for a General Education designation, the submitting department must provide a copy of the Intent to Include a Course in the General Education Curriculum and they must make clear the components of the course that make it a general education course and not just a course from a given content area.  In particular, courses should specifically address the ways in which the course addresses the established general education goals/objectives for the designation requested.  If no goals/objectives exist for the given designation or if the course does not satisfy the existing goals/objectives then clear justification for the designation will be expected.  (Note that per our bylaws this would apply to all course proposals seeking Gen Ed designation including FDS, SIS, and Guided Readings.)

Objectives have been developed for the following areas:

  1. Communications
  2. Computer Science, Math and Natural Sciences
  3. History
  4. Humanistic Studies (In Paper Form)
  5. Literature
  6. World Languages and Literature

These objectives were generally arrived at so that they would be in line with the General Education Statement of Principles put out by the CT Department of Higher Education and the WCSU General Education Task Force definition of an Educated Person.


FORM: General Education Com. Intent to Include a Course in the Gen Ed Curriculum



Senate Resolution R12-03-01
President’s Approval 3/21/12


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