Faculty Handbook

XIV.  Student Services


AccessAbility Services

AccessAbility Services (AAS) directs and coordinates all necessary services for students with disabilities that impact their educational experience. AAS determines reasonable accommodations and provides exam proctoring, assistive technology, readers, scribers, note-takers, advocacy, academic coaching, self-advocacy and skills buildings, mediation, auxiliary services, early registration, texts in alternate format, accessible furniture, referrals to other university and community service, and more. AAS also works with students and faculty in cases where a student seeks foreign language alternatives, and/or physical activity waivers.

AccessAbility Services works with faculty to accommodate students' disabilities in their classrooms, and provides professional development and consultation to faculty and staff to assist in making courses, programs and the campus community inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities.


Campus Center - Westside

This facility serves as a student center for the Westside campus.

The Campus Center provides:

  1. A full-service cafeteria and dining area
  2. Fitness center
  3. Ballroom
  4. Multi-purpose meeting and conference rooms
  5. Computer lab
  6. Student activity space
  7. Lounge areas and related campus-life and student-life facilities
  8. The Daily Grind, a new concept in late-night dining, with Starbucks coffee, pastries and entertainment, all set in a beautiful lounge with wireless Internet availability.

To schedule a meeting in the Campus Center, please email the details to campuscenter@wcsu.edu.


Campus Ministries

There are three campus ministries. Catholic (837-3240) and Protestant (837-8328) are located in room SC 223 in the Midtown Student Center. The Newman Center is located at 7 Eighth Avenue across from Newbury Hall, (203) 744-5846, and the Jewish Ministry can be reached at (837-3240).


Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) assists students with their career planning and job searches by providing a wide range of career related services including:

  1. Career counseling on an appointment basis.  "Drop-in" hours are also held for quick questions around career or job search issues.  An online career assessment tool (SIGI3) is also available for students to explore career interests and provides career information.
  2. Cooperative Education Internship Program for undergraduate juniors, seniors, and upper-level sophomores seeking practical work experience related to their career interest or major. Co-op positions are developed in area businesses, corporations, government and nonprofit agencies. Co-ops carry elective credit, and in many cases also provide a salary.
  3. An online job referral system that includes both full and part-time employment opportunities for students and alumni. An On-Campus Recruiting Program is also available to seniors who are seeking full-time employment upon graduation. An Annual Career Fair is held each spring for full-time professional positions as well as part-time, summer and co-op internship opportunities.
  4. A career library in the CDC is available to students, staff, and alumni containing materials on career opportunities, graduate school and company information.  The CDC also has online career library resources accessible through WestConnduit, under Student Tools, and under the Career Development Center section.  "Career Insider" has a wealth of career, industry and job search information as well as the ability to download books on career fields.  "Going Global" provides career and employment information on international careers as well as employment and company information on organizations in US major cities.
  5. Career development workshops and seminars are offered on a regular basis to inform students of the career opportunities available and techniques to conduct a successful job search.  Special career programs on networking, professional etiquette, career speakers and other events are conducted throughout the year.  CDC staff members frequently visit classes on request to present information or workshops on the above topics.  Contact:  203-837-8263 or www.wcsu.edu/CDC for additional information.


Counseling Center

The primary goal of the Counseling Center is to support the mental health and well-being of WCSU's students.  This is accomplished principally through the provision of confidential psychotherapy services to students, at no additional out-of-pocket expense to them or to their families.  The staff also provides consultation services to faculty, administration, and staff, as well as an ongoing series of presentations, seminars, and workshops for the academic community about a wide variety of mental health-related topics.  More information about the Counseling Center can be found on its web page at wcsu.edu/counseling.  The Counseling Center is located on the Midtown Campus at 181 White Street, Student Center 222. Hours of operation are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Students can call or come in for information and/or to schedule an appointment, and faculty should feel free to contact for a consultation.  The Counseling Center can be reached by telephone at (203) 837-8690.  In case of an emergency outside of regular business hours, students should dial 911 or call the 24-hour mental health emergency hotline at (888) 447-3339.


Health Service

The Health Service Office is responsible for providing acute medical care, preventive care, and health education to all full-time students.

1. General Information

  • Appointments may be scheduled with the physician or nurse practitioner without charge to the student.
  • Radiology, laboratory and other diagnostic tests are sent out and the student's medical insurance will be billed.
  • It is recommended that students bring their insurance card to each visit.
  • Referrals are made to area specialists as needed.

All students must complete the Connecticut State University Student Health Service Form - wcsu.healthservicesonlineforms.asp

All resident students are required by Connecticut State Law to have documented proof of having received a dose of meningococcal/menactra conjugate vaccine within the past 5 years of registering for housing and entering the residence halls.

Vaccine Exemptions are: students born prior to 1/1/1957 are exempt by age to present proof of measles, mumps, rubella and varicella.

2. Sports
All new varsity players must submit a completed "Pre-participation Physical Exam for Varsity Athletes' Form," a "Questionnaire

for Participation in Varsity Sports," and an "Authorization for Release of Information Form," in addition to a completed "Connecticut State University Student Health Service Form." Also, on an annual basis, all varsity athletes must complete a health questionnaire and a release of information which is reviewed by the Health Service staff.  These forms are available to download at www.wcsu.edu/healthservices/athleticrequimt.asp.


Enrollment and waivers are administrated through the University Cashier located in Old Main 106 and can be reached at



Western offers a variety of opportunities for the student-athlete to excel at the regional and national levels of competition. Different sporting events are scheduled throughout the academic calendar year to provide participation by interested parties. Opportunities are provided for BOTH male and female teams.

The men and women both belong to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III. The football program is a member of the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference. The 13 other intercollegiate athletic programs are members of the Little East Conference. In addition, the men and women’s programs hold membership in the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC).

The university belongs to conferences and associations appropriate to the specific athletic activity program.


New Student Orientation

The university provides orientation for all incoming new students, from incoming freshmen to transfer and commuter students, including non-traditional students, international students, and veterans.  Students entering Western in the fall attend a two-day  orientation program in June where they have an opportunity to meet fellow students and faculty members, get their ID card, parking decal, computer accounts, as well as their class schedule.  Several workshops for students and parents are provided at that time.  Welcome Week in the beginning of the fall semester adds additional programs intended to help students get adjusted to life at Western and generally begins with the traditional Entering the Gates and Opening Ceremony.  Students entering Western in the spring semester are invited to attend an orientation program generally held one afternoon before classes start.

Recreation, Intramurals, and Club Sports

Life’s about balance - get out and get active! The Recreation Department here at Western is located in the Center for Student Involvement and is dedicated to providing the campus community with a multitude of various recreational activities to encourage physical fitness and promote a positive well-being. The Intramural and Club Sports programs provide opportunities for individuals who share a common interest in a recreational sport, to improve their skill level and overall knowledge of the sport or activity. Our university is unique in that the Western community can utilize athletic facilities on two different campuses. Please contact Amy Shanks, Assistant Director for Student Life/Student Activities, at 203-837-8609 or shanksa@wcsu.edu with any questions.


Student Center - Midtown

The Student Center provides a central location for the following:

  1. Student Center Operations
  2. Student lounges and game rooms
  3. Student and faculty dining areas and snack bar
  4. The campus bookstore
  5. A campus mail room
  6. Career Development Center
  7. Counseling Center
  8. Student Activities/Student Life Office
  9. WXCI Radio Station
  10. Campus Ministries
  11. The Echo
  12. Greek Council
  13. Program Activities Council

To schedule a meeting in the Student Center please email the details to studentcenter@wcsu.edu.


Student Financial Services

The Student Financial Services Office is responsible for the following services:

  1. Providing current information regarding all Federal and State financial aid programs (grants, work-study, and loans).
  2. Assisting students in their applications for financial aid.
  3. Evaluating the financial aid needs of students according to Federal guidelines and institutional policies.
  4. Disbursing student aid funds.
  5. Administering the student payroll.
  6. Coordinating activities of the Veterans’ Affairs section.


Student Organizations and Clubs

Each student organization recognized as being affiliated with the university is required to have a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor is the institution’s representative to the group, assisting students in understanding institutional policies and procedures. They also review all organizational expenditures, sign reservation forms, act as Permittee at functions serving alcoholic beverages, and attend activities of the organization. Faculty who are interested in serving as an advisor should contact the Student Center of Student Involvement.


Substance Abuse Prevention Program (CHOICES)

The Substance Abuse Prevention Program (CHOICES) provides services to students and staff including:

  1. confidential screening and assessments for students actively using or abusing substances;
  2. confidential help and information on the symptoms of abuse of or dependence on substances, resources available on campus or within the community;
  3. peer support groups; referral information including community 12 step AA meetings;
  4. educational programs and materials to positively influence attitudes and behaviors regarding alcohol and other drug use on campus and throughout life.

This office may be found in Student Center 211, 837-8899.


University Judicial System

The University Judicial System exists to provide for adjudication of violations and alleged violations by any student of university rules and regulations of both an academic and nonacademic nature. A complete list of violations subject to this system is contained in the “Student Code of Conduct,” which is available from the Office of Judicial Affairs and the Office of Student Affairs.

Any member of the university community may report an incident involving a student or student organization to the Office of Judicial Affairs or the Office of Student Affairs. Determination as to whether sufficient evidence exists for judicial action to be initiated is made by the Office of Judicial Affairs.


Veteran Services

Under the direction of the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, two staff members, serve as primary Liaison/Information staff for veteran students.  Their role is to help veterans learn about relevant services available to them on and off campus.

WCSU offers an array of services including a dedicated Veteran's Center in the Student Center (Midtown Campus), special liaison program to assist them in each of the thirteen critical offices on campus, a dedicated e-mail and phone number to offer assistance and information, support of the Veteran's Club, special program e.g. veterans day, workshops regarding benefits, mental health services, counseling services, campus ministry and financial aid counseling.  A special brochure was developed for veteran students that lists all essential campus offices, their location, phone numbers and contact persons.  Local women's clubs have also provided continuing support including food, equipment and other services specifically for veteran students.  There are also regularly scheduled networking luncheons and conferences offered that are of particular interest to veterans.

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