Graduates in the Spotlight

Marcus Estevez

Hometown: Brewster, New York

Major:  Marketing

WCSU Degree:  Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Activities: Coach for the X-Culture Program and boxing/training in Brazilian Jujitsu

Honors and Awards: Dean’s List



Marcus Estevez spent two years at Dutchess Community College before transferring to WestConn in fall 2014 as a part-time student. The credits he transferred earned him a WCSU Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. His journey, which began in fall 2012 at Dutchess, will culminate in December 2018 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

Estevez’s choice of major seemed obvious to him. “I’m very creative and I have a passion for analyzing things,” he says. “It’s just how my mind works. Nowadays, behavior is changing, which requires more creativity and analysis. I feel that my abilities will be very practical in my field.”

At WestConn, Estevez says he found support from a number of individuals at the Ancell School of Business: Learning Commons Coordinator Elise Budnick, Learning Commons University Assistant Geraldine Kennedy, Mentor Bob Watson, Assistant Professor of Marketing Donna Coelho, Marketing Department Chair and Professor Ron Drozdenko and Dean Dr. David Martin. “They and many more for made a pleasurable experience for myself here at Ancell,” Estevez says. “They’ve been a part of my experience and that’s what matters to me most. The direction they gave, whether it was small conversation or advice, helped paved my way to where I am today.”

Asked what he will remember most about his WestConn experience, Estevez says, “At the end of 2016, I took a chance to remove myself from part-time status to full-time in order to expedite my education. The next two years were an experience of hardship and challenges that forced me to overcome obstacles and become a better individual. As a result, I can self-reflect and say it was worth it. I’ve learned a lot about myself, others and the opportunities I have to continue growing as a person.”

After graduation, Estevez says, “Everyone probably says the same thing, but I would like to get a job to pay off my debt, my mother’s house and then consider graduate school in either psychology or finance, or go back to school for another BA.”

His advice to new students entering WCSU is: “You’re paying for your education. Whether it’s a free ride or you have to work to pay for school, just remember at the end of the day it’s your life and your decision on what to make out of it. Whatever you choose will impact your future. I would personally pay attention to the services offered at school because you’re at your beginning with many forks in the road. It’s okay to make mistakes as you’re still learning, but remember it’s not about what you can find online or who in class is the first to ask a question when you’re uncertain about something. It’s okay to speak your mind and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions just because others aren’t; otherwise, you’ll never know the ‘what ifs.’ Professors, students, faculty, the dean and many more are just as good, if not better, as a resource/mentor than looking up ‘how to’ online.”