WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

Hancock Student Leadership Program

2009-2010 Applied Leadership Projects



Rock Your Body

    Kristina Braun

S.O.A.R. (Student Outreach for Academic Restructuring)

    Matthew Donofrio

The Rotaract Club of WCSU and Flip-Flops for Haiti

    Leah Firmender

Learning Communities for WestConn

    Jessica Gamache

A Healthier Campus for Better Students

    Rebecca Greene-Cramer

Why I Joined Sigma Chi Fraternity

    James Heffner

Student-to-Student Academic Advisement

    Carmel Lynn

Celebrating and Embracing the Diversity and Richness of Inspirational Gospel Music at WCSU

    Florence Marshall

Shuttle Expansion

    Tammy Mulrooney

What’s After WestConn

    Ryan Prescott

Humanitarianism through Action and Awareness

    Gabrielle Sachse-Skidd

Debate the World: One Student’s Quest to Spread the Drive for Academic Competition

    Debra Salvato

Philosophical Discourse for College Students: A Rhetorical Film for Young Philosophers

    Mary Salvato

The Biome Newsletter

    Heather Shepard

Out of the Dark:  Candlelight Vigil for Suicide and Depression Awareness

    Nicole Vesey