Justice and Law Administration


In each of the last several years JLA graduates the largest number of students in any major in the University and their diverse careers often mirror what they studied at WCSU. For example,


  • Bharbara Viegas Rocha, Paralegal at Guendelsberger Law Offices, LLP
  • Craig Worster, Chief of Police with the Millinocket Maine Police Department
  • David Petersen, Police Officer at New Milford Police Department
  • Kimberly Bischoff, Owner at The Fresh Canvas
  • Greta McConnell, Paralegal/Public Records Administrator
  • Brittany Stancavage, J.D. Candidate at Quinnipiac University School of Law, 2023
  • Elizabeth Maloney, J.D. Candidate at George Washington University Law School
  • Colleen Mair, Doctoral Candidate at SUNY Albany
  • Kenia Gonzalez, Customer Service Rep at Westchester Publishing Services
  • Felicia Radman, Paralegal at Paul Garlasco
  • Steven Kandro, English Second Language Teacher at Wizard Language School of Fairfield
  • Carly Barney, Associate Program Director at Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI)
  • Janeth Alvarez, Reunification Worker at Family & Children’s Aid
  • DeAnna Aurio, Elementary School Teacher
  • Jena Whalen, Benefits Outsourcing, Willis Towers Watson
  • Alexander V. Saviano, Police Officer at Montgomery County Police Department


We are proud of the many federal, state and local law enforcement officers who have studied and graduated from our program, as well as the vast numbers of lawyers and many public servants who made JLA their college home.


Over fifty percent of our graduates report continuing formal education post-JLA.   Surveys also reflect our graduates in such professions as the corrections services, private security management, miscellaneous federal agencies, rehabilitative services, probation, arson investigation, emergency services, psychotherapy/counseling and education.