Planning Department


The Facilities Planning and Engineering department manages the planning, financing, design and construction of capital projects. The office works closely with all departments to develop campus facilities that promote the university’s academic mission. Its goal is to ensure an aesthetic continuity that enhances the educational experience for students and faculty while enriching the Greater Danbury region.

The department’s main functions include:

  1. Facilities Space Planning and Architectural Design
  2. Capital Project Development and Initiation
  3. Interior Design/Space Planning/Furnishings, Fixtures &Equipment Procurement & Re-Assignment
  4. Project Bid Development/Coordination
  5. Project and Construction Management
  6. Campus Master Planning
  7. Fiscal Management and Cost Control
  8. Facilities Liaison for Capital Projects
  9. State Compliance Oversight of Agency-Administered Projects
  10. Development and Reinforcement of Campus Design Standards

The Facilities Planning and Engineering oversees a wide range of projects that support the needs of the university’s mission, its priorities and objectives.  The department continues to implement the university’s 2007 Campus Master Plan, which identifies capital projects that would enable the university to meet its strategic plan.

The Master Plan was updated beginning in 2015.  Revisiting the planning process allows the university to evaluate options for long-term growth and development. It recommends renovations and/or additions, the construction of new buildings, and the adaptive re-use of existing structures. Collectively, the staff of Western’s Facilities Planning & Engineering department, Western’s Campus Design Review Committee and members of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities’ Board of Regents for Higher Education (ConnSCU) are guided by the campus master plan to create a framework for developing projects that reinforce a sense of academic community in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

As the university facilities’ liaison with other state agencies concerning capital projects, the Facilities Planning and Engineering department continually moves the university’s goals forward while ensuring compliance with all guidelines, regulations and mandates as required by the state.  Through effective lines of communications with the Department of Construction Services, the Board of Regents’ Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (ConnSCU) system, the Department of Public Safety/Building Inspector’s Office, and Department of Administrative Services, projects are navigated through the state’s regulatory and compliance network.

Dan Casinelli, AIA LEED AP
Director, Facilities Planning & Engineering

Daniel L. Casinelli, AIA, LEED AP
Director, Facilites Planning & Engineering
White Hall 001A
Phone (203) 837-8680
Fax (203) 837-8723

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