WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

Reopening WCSU

Summer 2021 Plan – August 2021

As we plan for full occupancy of offices beginning Aug. 1, please be aware of the following guidelines for a return to campus.

Indoor spaces

Per the state of Connecticut Reopening plans, there is no longer an occupancy limit. All employees will return to their regular office settings and maintain regular hours.

  • Mask-wearing
    • Required in public spaces.
    • In meetings and office suites, employees who are all fully vaccinated can agree, by mutual consent, that wearing masks is optional in those spaces/times.
    • Employees who work in individual office space may unmask when no visitors are present.

Note that if the WCSU campus reaches 80% vaccination rate among our populations, masks will no longer be required for anyone, although anyone can continue to voluntarily wear a mask.

  • Plastic separations between staff and the public will be maintained where requested. You may also ask that the protective guards be removed. No additional guards will be installed.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will continue to be available throughout both Midtown and Westside campuses.
  • Building air handlers were updated for the most efficient flow at the beginning of the pandemic and will continue to operate at maximum capacity.

Social distance

    • 3 feet

Outdoor spaces

  • Mask-wearing
    • Not required for fully vaccinated people
    • Recommended for people NOT fully vaccinated when in crowded settings

This information will be updated as state and health guidelines continue to evolve.

Information about classrooms, events, etc., will be posted no later than August 1.