Update on Covid-19 Vaccination Reporting

Information Technology & Innovation

Faculty & Staff Remote Teaching/Working – IT Guide

Disclaimer for logging into any physical university computer from home (this does not include remote connections):

IMPORTANT:  Your University issued laptop/desktop will retain the same login password UNTIL it is re-connected to our campus network, independent of the password used to access other WCSU online services.

Please see below for a partial list of the officially supported technology available to you at our University for which our IT&I staff can assist. If you choose to use technology that CSCU / WCSU is not licensed to use, you will be using it at your own discretion and IT&I staff will most likely be unable to help / provide support. If you are unsure if technology you’re interested in using is officially supported, please create a request via our Service Desk or email them at RequestIT@wcsu.edu.