WCSU Racial Justice Coalition

*First Annual Juneteenth Celebration 2021!!!

Last June 19, 2020, many people across the United States celebrated Juneteenth,
commemorating June 19, 1865, when Major General Gordon Granger and Union Troops
reached Galveston, Texas with news of the Civil War’s end.  This represented the end of
enslavement in the United States. Consequently, this is a very important day.

Therefore, this year on Saturday, June 19, 2021, we hosted a simple cookout for our students, faculty, and staff, with the intention of evolving into a small festival, held annually for our community.

Celebrating this event on campus will cultivate awareness, and truly honor Afrikan
Americans.  Taking the initiative to implement this observance is very progressive and dynamic!

Why specifically a cookout?  The cookout is about community, heritage, jubilation, and
resilience.  This was how the formerly enslaved people traditionally observed this day.  At the cookout, we would like to celebrate with poetry readings, art displays, drumming, music and wearing Afrikan or red clothing.

All students need to learn Afrikan American, Afro Caribbean, and Puerto Rican history and literature.  Perhaps these events may spark additional scholarly pursuits!

Celebrating Juneteenth is not exclusively an Afrikan American event, but an inclusive American celebration of freedom and liberty for all.