Study Abroad: Spain

Classes Offered

Earn up to 6 Humanities credits and satisfy Language and General Education/Intercultural Competence requirement

Choose a Spanish and an Art class

Art classes for art majors and for Gen Ed requirement will be offered in 2019.

Consult Professor David Skora about your options at

Independent study is available for qualifying students

We will meet your individual academic needs with this program!

Spa 164: Introductory Spanish II
Fulfills language requirement by developing students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through intensive training and every day cultural immersion . Prerequisite: Inquire with Dr. Bakhtiarova:

Spa 226: Global Immersion: Spain
This course will allow participants to explore the heterogeneity of contemporary Spain through a month-long immersion in its language, arts and culture by living and studying in Spain. Through the exploration of Spanish arts, architecture and linguistic diversity, we will learn to better understand contemporary Spain as a multicultural and multilingual nation of the XXI century. There will be a particular focus on arts and architecture, enhanced through visits to museums, cultural and historic sites, which will be an integral part of the program.

Both courses complete the language requirement and Intercultural Competency in Spanish

Global Immersion counts as a culture course towards a major or minor in Spanish

Honors option and individual study are available for qualifying students