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Foreign Travel Reimbursement

All of the above travel policies apply when undertaking foreign travel.

Persons in travel status in “Foreign” areas as defined on page 1 may be reimbursed for the reasonable expenses associated with their travel. Such expenses include, but are not limited to, the cost of:

  • visa

  • inoculations

  • currency exchange

  • airport taxes

  • departure taxes

  • prepaid calling cards (prepaid cell phones are not reimbursable)

  • excess baggage

Indication must be made on the Travel Reimbursement form of the exchange rate(s) used to convert foreign receipts to U.S. currency. If the original documentation of exchange rate(s) is not available for submission with the travel reimbursement form, the exchange rate applicable on the last day of travel in each different country will be used. This information, along with a currency converter, is available on the following web site:


All receipts paid by the traveler using foreign currency must clearly indicate the foreign currency type. If the receipt does not indicate the foreign currency type, the traveler should handwrite it in.

A copy of the currency conversion from the website for each receipt must be submitted with the travel reimbursement request. Reimbursements will not be processed without this documentation.

The Interbank Rate plus zero will be used for reimbursement. If a charge card is used the statement must be submitted to show the amount charged. If a traveler uses their charge card and incurs additional fees and wishes to be reimbursed for those fees, the traveler must submit their credit card statement documenting the actual expenses incurred.

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