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What is institutional aid? Institutional aid are grants/scholarships by colleges and universities for college for students who have financial need to help pay for college.  The law that passed in 2018, created a new and fair application process for institutional financial aid for undocumented immigrant students that does not discriminate based on immigration status, but equalizes access to institutional aid at all public colleges and universities in Connecticut, including the University of Connecticut (“UConn”), the four (4) Connecticut State Universities (WCSU, ECSU, SCSU, CCSU) and the 12 Connecticut Community Colleges. Undocumented students can now get financial aid at WCSU (and all other public colleges in Connecticut). This was the result of 6 years of consistent advocacy by CT Students for a Dream, (unafraid) undocumented students, the higher education system and allies in Connecticut.
The DEADLINE for the Spring 2023 Institutional Financial Aid program at WCSU and other CSU’s is March 1, 2023.  
The WCSU Undocu-Ally Taskforce, the Office of Financial Aid, and CT Students for a Dream (“C4D”) are working together to host an Institutional aid (“AACTUS”) Application Workshop on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.  At the workshop, staff from the financial aid offices will be there to help anyone who is interested in completing their forms and answer any questions!  Below, please find the information flyer about this important event.

WCSU Institutitonal Aid Application (AACTUS) Workshop

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 9:30 a.m. – noon

Western Connecticut State University

Midtown Student Center

181 White Street, Danbury, CT

Application for institutional financial aid for undocumented students are now available on CSCU’s website.

In April 2018, the Connecticut General Assembly passed and Governor Malloy signed PA 18-2, which makes institutional financial aid available to students without taking immigration status into consideration.  In ensuing months, financial aid directors and staff at the System Office, colleges, universities, Charter Oak State College, and UConn came together to create the application to make this funding available.  In order to receive institutional financial aid, students must meet certain age, residency, and criminal history requirements along with an affidavit with the institution they are attending about their intent to legalize their immigration status when they are eligible to do so.

To learn more or download the Aid Application for CT Undocumented Students (AACTUS), please visit: ct.edu/admission/finaid and click on the “Undocumented Students” tab.  Please visit the WCSU Office of Financial Aid for more assistance on the application and with any questions about applying for this benefit.  Adelante!

For directed information on this process, please visit WCSU Office of Financial Aid website for up-to-date information and other posted financial resources for undocumented students.