Undocumented Student Support Services

WCSU UndocuAlly Task Force





The WCSU UndocuAlly Task Force is a campus-wide effort centered around undocumented student needs as well as the needs of students with undocumented family members.  It is open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the community regardless of immigration status.


  1. Ensure the safety and privacy of undocumented students.
  2. Give a voice to undocumented students and their families.
  3. Connect students with and help them navigate services on and off campus.
  4. Ensure nondiscriminatory university policies and practices.
  5. Educate WCSU and the broader community about issues that impact immigrant students.
  6. Advocate with and on behalf of immigrant students to advance the rights of immigrant students.

UndocuAlly Task Force has a variety of subcommittees and initiatives.  Their foci include:

  • Outreach & Training
  • Financial Access
  • The UndocuAlly Scholarship
  • Student Outreach & Advising
  • WCSU Beyond Borders (an SGA group!)

The UndocuAlly Task Force has also partnered with members from the Connecticut Students For A Dream.

For more information about the UndocuAlly Task Force or if you are interested in joining these efforts, please contact Carina Bandhauer in Warner Hall 207 or at bandhauerc@wcsu.edu.  Dr. Bandhauer is a Professor of Sociology with the Department of Social Sciences and the coordinator of the UndocuAlly Task Force.