Weather Conference

Sixth Tri-State Weather Conference Schedule

8:00-8:30 Register, socialize and continental breakfast.
8:30-8:40 Opening remarks
8:40-9:40 Louis W. Uccellini, Director of the National Weather Service (NWS), Silver Spring, MD. Evolving the National Weather Service to Build a Weather-Ready Nation and a Look at the Winter Weather Program
9:40-10:00 Jeffrey Tongue, NOAA/NWS, New York, NY
A Paradigm Change for Meteorological Data.
10:00-10:25 Anthony Praino, I.B.M.
An integrated modeling and observing system for the study of ecology of Lake George in the Jefferson Project.
10:25-10:40 Poster Presenter Comments
10:40-11:05 Morning break
11:05-11:40 Robert Hart. F.S.U.
The diverse roots of our beloved meteorology and the arbitrary definition of hurricane landfall droughts (including the current one!)
11:40-12:25 Quincy Vagell, Freelance Storm chaser.
Storm Chasing: the Dangers and Excitement.
12:30-1:40 Lunch – Student Center Cafeteria
1:40-2:00 Eleanor Vallier-Talbot, NOAA/NWS, Taunton, MA
The 25th Anniversary of Hurricane Bob.
2:00-2:25 Michael Erickson, Weather Prediction Center
New Ways of Displaying Convection Allowing Ensemble Data for WPC Forecasters.
2:25-2:45 Megan Martin, Climate Central.
Communicating Climate Science Through Local Weather.
2:45-3:05 Afternoon break
3:05-3:25 Carlie Buccola, NOAA/NWS, New York, NY
Social Media and High Impact Weather Events: The Good, Bad, and The Ugly
3:25-3:45 Gary Conte, NOAA/NWS, New York, NY
Communicating Risk for Extreme Weather in a Changing Climate.
3:45-4:05 Hayden Frank, NOAA/NWS, Taunton, MA
The August 4th, 2015 Severe Weather Outbreak in Southern New England: Two Rare Significant Events within 12 Hours.
4:05-4:40 Dr. Joseph D’Aleo, Weatherbell
We have seen Some Wild Winters in Recent Years, Will this be another to remember?
4:40-5:00 Panel discussion with speakers.