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Dragon Icon with a green flame

Dragon Go! An application that allows you to control your smartphone or mobile device with your voice.

Magnifying Glass icon

Magnifying Glass With Light Uses the phone’s camera like a magnifying glass and displays the magnified image on the screen!  Has many useful features.  For more features, like freeze frame, go pro for $1.99.


Prizmo An app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that allows you to scan documents and pictures via the camera and extract text from them. ($9.99)

LookTel Money Reader Icon featuring magnifying glass looking at some bills

 LookTel Money Reader Instantly recognizes currency and speaks the denomination, enabling people experiencing visual impairments or blindness to quickly and easily identify and count bills. Point the  camera of your iOS device at a bill and the app will tell you the denomination in real-time! ($9.99)

Ariadne GPS icon featuring a lighthouse with it's light on

Ariadne GPS The app offers you the possibility to know your position at any time and monitor it while walking.  You can decide to be informed about what changes along the way, street numbers, street names, etc. There is also the option to save your favorite points and to be alerted, when you approach one of them. ($5.99)



Dragon Mobile Assistant icon featuring a microphone surrounded by shades of blue

Dragon Mobile Assistant Similar to Dragon Go! This is for an android phone.

IDEAL Currency Identifier icon featuring a dollar sign inside a green circle

IDEAL Currency identifier Similar to LookTel Money Reader described above, except for Android devices!

IDEAL Magnifier icon featuring a magnifying glass with a green lens

IDEAL Magnifier Uses the phone’s camera to display a real time image of anything zoomed in, like a magnifying glass.  Offers color filters like mono (black and white), negative, etc to assist users who see in certain filters best. Has some other useful features, too! 

Apple and Android


Google Translate icon featuring a 'G' and a chinese character

Google Translate: Allows you to translate words and phrases into a variety of different languages via text, written, and spoken word

Z 5 icon featuring a blue Z whose tail joins the tail of an orange 5

Z5 Mobile: This app allows you to make video calls! It can make and receive ZVRS, VP, VCO Plus and HolaVRS calls using a WiFi or cellular connection.




A little pencil with a microphone for an eraser on a blue backdrop

Notability: Take notes with your finger, stylus, or keyboard; sketch ideas; mark-up PDFs; mark-up photos; record lectures (and synch these your notes with the recordings), etc! Notability is a big competitor of Evernote and arguably does some things better, try both if you have the chance! ($5.99)

Cool Writer icon featuring a white quill pen writing on a green backdrop

Cool Writer A note-taking app that allows you to write on both images and PDFs.  It also works as a basic word processor.  Has a ton of features to enable creative notetaking! ($2.99)

Note'd icon featuring an 'n' with a red circle sticky note in the corner labeled 'note'd'

NOTE'd Simple note taking app that allows you to create more than one notebook. Allows for voice memo notes and personal diaries as well. ($0.99)

SoundNote icon featuring some lined paper with a drawing of a circle with two perpendicular arrows through it on it

SoundNote This app allows an iPad or laptop’s mic to record lectures and it also synchs these recordings with notes being typed!  That means while playing back your recording, just tap/click a word and SoundNote will jump right to that point in the audio file!  Great for auditory learners! [**Need professor approval for recording class audio**] ($4.99)

MindNode icon featuring flowering colors in the shape of petals

MindNode This app allows you to make colorful mind maps useful for planning a paper, notetaking, etc.  Adding pictures to make the map more visual is a breeze and brings it to life! Great for visual learners! ($4.99 for iPhone and iPad, Pro version: $9.99 for Mac)

Apple and Android


AudioNote Lite icon featuring a microphone in front of a lined paper  backdrop with the word 'Lite' on the botton

AudioNote Lite: is a notepad and voice recorder in one app. Each note acts as a link directly to the point in the recorded audio in which it was recorded!  Similar to a Smartpen’s software!

Evernote icon featuring an elephant's head in front of a green backdrop

Evernote: is an app that allows you to sync notes from all of your computers and devices that you use. It allows you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders.

MyScript Smart Note icon featuring a handwritten captial 'n' on a blue backdrop

 MyScript Smart Note: (For tablets) Hand write notes and other documents into this app! The app can search for key terms in your notes, covert to digital text, etc. You can even do edits like erasing using stylus gestures! You can also share your work with Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. This is an alternative to keyboard typing and to hand writing notes on paper. Upgrade to premium for $1.99 for more storage.

Organization / Planning



inClass icon featuring an 'a' on lined paper surrounded by pictures of a paper clip, pencil, arrow, star, etc

inClass An organizational app that keeps track of your courses as well as your homework. Send you reminders when assignments are about to be due.

Listo icon featuring two columns of rounded off thick white lines, the right column is wider than the left column

Listo A simple and easy to use list making app. Download it to multiple devices and share amongst them with ease. Allows for easy group planning and sharing.

IDEAZ icon featuring a white paper airplane

IDEAZ An app that allows you to keep all your ideas in one place. Create short memos with pictures and/or audio. Even share your ideas through Twitter and Facebook. ($0.99)

Epic Win icon featuring the words 'epic win' in bold and pointy font

Epic Win If you like videogames and need help getting through to-do lists, then this app is for you! This app helps you form to-do lists and rewards you with in game character rewards when you complete tasks. ($2.99)

HomeRoutines icon featuring a gold star with a check mark inside it

HomeRoutines This app keeps to-do lists of things you need to do every day, like routine, and rewards you with gold stars upon the completion of tasks. It includes a task timer to help you stay focused. ($4.99)

Student Time Tracker icon featuring four differently colored blocks arragned togather except the last block is floating slightly aboce the others

Student Time Tracker Helps you to track time spent working and studying on each of your academic courses.  It also keeps tabs on deadlines and your progress towards them!  This can help you learn about yourself as a student and how much time you use working on your academics. ($1.99)

iStudiez Pro icon featuring an outline of an apple on a blue backdrop

iStudiez Pro Combine schedules, homework, and grades into one interface!  Helps visualize workload using interactive features.  Synchs with all your devices. ($2.99)



Tasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone icon with a white check mark inside a grey circle

Tasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone: A free organizational and time management app that helps you complete tasks that need to be done. It allows you to schedule your tasks and to-do lists and will give you reminders about due dates.

Apple, Android, and Website


Trello icon featuring two white vertical rectangles of different heights representing Trello's lists.

Trello Take any project or goal and break it down into to-do lists to help you focus and keep track! Features like color coding, adding images, entering due dates, etc make this app engaging. Great for solo work and for group tasks. Synchs with all your devices. Upgrade for even more features! 

Apple and Android


Any.Do icon with a white check mark in the bottom left of a blue backdrop

Any.Do: is an organizational and time management app that helps you remember what you need to do. Users can organize their tasks and set due dates for each task and then receive regular reminders of when work is due.

myHomework app icon featuring a pencil and it's tip touching down on a blue backdrop

myHomework: A free planner app that focuses on homework planning. You can setup times, due dates, and a calendar for homework assignments.

MyStudyLife icon featuring a white cartoony bust of a graduating student's head on  green backdrop

MyStudyLife: This web based app is very similar to inClass (see above), but it works on every type of device, including computers through Google!  Use it to plan out your classes and assignments!

Toggl icon featuring a red power button with a white power 1 - 0 icon inside it

Toggl: Allows you to easily track time spent on tasks, it then summaries your day showing you how productive you were!  You can then study this report and learn about yourself as a planner. (Also works, and syncs, on computers!)

RescueTime icon with a giant plus sign with an analogue clock's hands inside

RescueTime: Similar to Student Time Tracker, but the Lite version is free and works on practically all devices, it even works on Linux!  The premium version costs a bunch, but hosts even more features!

Schedule Planner icon featuring an open 5 ring binder agenda book with a ribbon book mark and a metallic pen resting on a page

Schedule Planner A great general planner that focuses on helping you compare the time you plan to spend on a task to how much time you actually spent on the task.  It can help you learn about yourself as a planner and how to better use your time! ($3.99)




Noisili icon with vertical lines emulating a sound wave on a light green backdrop

Noisili This app and website allow you to listen to noise.  Background noise like this has been shown to increase creativity and abstract thinking.  It is commonly thought that background noise or “white noise” can help drown out actual background noise and increase focus!  (These can alternatively help you relax and fall asleep, depending on the settings you choose!)



A soft murmur icon featuring a cartoony single rain drop

A Soft Murmur: Similar to Noisili, this app has some similar noises and some different ones!

Apple and Android


Quizlet icon with a 'Q' on a blue backdrop

Quizlet Amazing free flash card app.  Create flash cards to study!  Cards can be read out loud, organized, studied in various ways-even games!  Sign up for free and use the website version too for more customization and options!  Even more features are available if you pay $14.99 per year to go pro.

Coffitivity icon with an outlined cartoony coffee cup on a teal backdrop

Coffitivity: Similar to Noisili and A Soft Murmur, just a different feel and different noises!

Flascards Deluxe icon featuring a stack of white lined index cards

Flashcards Deluxe: This app can make digital flash cards!  After being made, you can hear them read out loud and it even assists in error correction! It also automatically focuses more on the flashcards you get wrong! ($3.99)


Quizlet icon with a 'Q' on a blue backdrop

Quizlet Amazing free flash card app.  Create flash cards to study!  Cards can be read out loud, organized, studied in various ways-even games!  Sign up for free and use the website version too for more customization and options!  Even more features are available if you pay $14.99 per year to go pro.

StayFocused icon of a blue eye with the arms of an analogue click inside the pupil

StayFocused This web based Google Chrome extension helps you stay productive by temporarily blocking internet content that would otherwise distract you from your studies. It is highly configurable, allowing you to block or allow entire sites, specific subdomains, specific paths, specific pages, even specific in-page content (videos, games, images, forms, etc.).

Coffitivity,A Soft Murmur, Noisli These website versions of the apps above allow you to listen to and customize noise.  Background noise like this has been shown to increase creativity and abstract thinking.  It is commonly thought that background noise or “white noise” can help drown out actual background noise and increase focus!  (These can alternatively help you relax and fall asleep, depending on the settings you choose!)


Apple, Google Chrome, and Firefox


Beeline Reader icon featuring a 'B' in front of a blue and red backdrop

Beeline Reader This app/extension adds one of several color gradients to text making the text easier to track with one’s eyes while reading.  The brain is more excited by color than it is black and white, so Beeline’s effectiveness makes sense! It has been found useful for students experiencing difficulties with reading; this includes students with ADD and Dyslexia.



Iren Colored Overlays icon with an eye shaped by two curved triangles containing the app name in the pupil, featuring a purple background

Irlen Colored Overlays This app lets you pick and customize a colored screen overlay! Using a overlay has been shown to help some readers read more fluently and accurately, experience less eye fatigue, etc. This app is especially helpful for users with Irlen Syndrome. If you’ve never tried an overlay before, give this a try, it might help! ($1.99)

IDEAL Group Reader icon with a 'e' sitting on an angle with some sound waves emitting out of it

IDEAL Group Reader: A free eReader app that reads any books on your device. This app is also able to read L meaning this app may be perfect for a student needing a math text read out loud!

Apple and Android


A white book with an orange page midturn both on a dark blue background

Voice Dream Reader: This app is an excellent piece of text-to-speech software. It hosts several features like highlighting and full screen to help you focus while reading; tons of different languages and voices; options to change font, size, spacing, color, etc. The app’s big goal is to help you find a configuration that helps you read best and has the features to back you up in this endeavor. Works with DAISY, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc! ($9.99)

Blio logo featuring the letters of the word. The 'l' has a little tail making it almost look like a capital 'L.'

Blio:A free eReader app that is also for Windows. Blio allows you to read downloaded books in numerous formats while also providing text-to-speech functionality for books. Words are highlighted as they are read and you can look up the definitions of words as you read.

Inkling icon featuring the name in front of a backdrop of cool blues and greens in vertical columns

Inkling: An interactive eReader app. Books cost extra here when buying them elsewhere, but the app is free. The books cover a wide variety of topics from academic topics.  If the book you need is in their shopping library, then it might be worth using their free trial before you commit to buying a full book!

Camscanner icon featuring the letters 'c s' underlined by a floor of teal

Camscanner: Turns your device’s camera into a scanner!  After a scan, the scan can be edited for appearance, be exported as a PDF, have text notes added to it, etc. 

Writing / English



White outline of a pencil with an orange tip featuring a dark blue background

Voice Dream Writer Integrates Voice Dream software into a word processor! This app reads your typed work out loud and helps with all aspects of proof reading. You can search for text by definition or phonetics; locate misspelled words; change your text appearance, etc. Export your work to Microsoft Word, compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple Pages, etc! Also on iPad! ($9.99)

Documents Pro icon featuring a blue capital 'D' with a dark grey backdrop

Documents Pro 7: This app lets you create, store, manage, print or share all your documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and recordings on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad! The user interface is finder & Microsoft explorer like. You can view, edit, email, AirPrint, and transfer files via Google, USB, WiFi, FTP Dropbox. Files can be automatically backed up and synchronized across all your devices using iCloud! ($4.99)



OfficeSuite Pro icon featuring three differently colored blocks in a stack and the word 'pro' in the bottom left corner

OfficeSuite 8 Pro: Android equivalent of Documents Pro 7. ($14.99)

Apple and Android


Easybib icon featuring a cartoony orange book

EasyBib: This app can scan a book’s barcode and automatically cite it in MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles!  It can also help you cite in general! Also check out the website!

Simplemind icon featuring a a rain drop shaped window with blue skies and some clouds inside

Simplemind: This app is a free mind-mapping app. With Simplemind, you can create and organize maps of ideas and thoughts quickly in a highly visual environment.  Upgrade by buying the full version for $4.99 or $5.99 to unlock several awesome features like exporting and sharing your maps! Also available for Mac and Windows!

Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards icon featuring a green circle with a checkmark inside it in front of a purple backdrop

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards from Magoosh: 1000 vocabulary flashcards to enhance your vocabulary, helps increase your GRE vocabulary score!  Tracks your progress, choose difficulty levels, and more. You can also study flashcards straight from their app!

Daily Poetry icon featuring a white feather quill pen writing on a dark grey backdrop

Daily Poetry: Start each day with some poetry. Poems cover a wide variety of genres and time periods. The app also allows users to write and submit poetry for consideration for publication.


Citation Machine icon featuring a grey squirrel running like a human with a yellow headband and yelloe shoes

Citation Machine: Generates free citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago formatting styles for your bibliography.

Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards icon featuring a green circle with a checkmark inside it in front of a purple backdrop

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards from Magoosh: 1000 vocabulary flashcards to enhance your vocabulary, helps increase your GRE vocabulary score!  Tracks your progress, choose difficulty levels, and more. You can also study flashcards straight from their app!

Easybib icon featuring a cartoony orange book

EasyBib: This website can type a bibliography for you; all you have to do is give the information and this website will do all the formatting! The website also checks your paper to make sure it has not been plagiarized!




MyScript MathPad icon featuring a Greek capital sigma symbol on a green backdrop. The sigma symbol is part text and part hand drawn.

MyScript MathPad This app takes hand written numbers, math symbols, and full equations and converts them into normal text, LaTeX, or L! You can then export these images into papers and more! Great for Math majors who are creating math documents!



IDEAL Web Math Algebra icon featuring a cartoon of a smiling male teacher in front of a blackboard

IDEAL Web Math This family of free apps all begin with the words “IDEAL Web Math.” Apps in this family include IDEAL Web Math Algebra, IDEAL Web Math Trig/Calculus, IDEAL Web Math for Everyone, etc.  These apps give users a text field where they can type in math problems of that app’s type and get computer generated step by step solutions! These apps can get you math help on the go, immediately, as needed!  Great for checking your work and studying. (Pictured is the icon for one of these apps, IDEAL Web Math Algebra)

Apple and Android


Scientific Graphig Calcualtor by William Jockusch icon featuring a parabolic curve on blue graphing paper backdrop

Scientific Graphing Calculator by William Jockusch: Amazing graphing calculator that can help with arithmetic, algebra, physics, and statistics! Also features a solid reference filled with notes on various math topics. Try this free version and then upgrade for $2.99 if you want the experience to be even better!

MyScript Calculator icon featuring a square root of three with a blue backdrop

MyScript Calculator: This scientific calculator lets you naturally hand write a math problem and then this app will convert it into math text and provide a solution! Great for fractions as well as countless other concepts!

math magic icon featuring a capital sigma symbol inside a circle both in front of a light blue backdrop

MathMagic Lite: Let’s you type in math equations and save them in various file types for later access.  Also supports exporting problems into Wolfram Alpha (See in Math > Apple and Android > Low-Cost).

Wolfram alpha icon featuring a red star on top of another red star with a white eaquals sign on top of both.

Wolfram Alpha Wolfram Alpha is an exceptional app for a college student. You can search for information in almost every area of science and mathematics and it will even help solve math problems while showing all the steps involved in deriving the solution. ($2.99)

Dragon Box Algebra 12+ icon featuring a yellow cartoony box slighty open with a pair of eyes peeking out

DragonBox Algebra 12+ This app teaches algebraic concepts through a game!  It starts with basic concepts and goes all the way through factoring! Other versions for other levels of math are available! ($7.99 for Apple, $8.62 for Android)


Math I can do icon featuring a square inscribed inside another square at an angle

Math I Can Do This free to access math editor allows you to type math. It is much more easy to use than the Equation editor on Microsoft Word! You can even export your work to LaTeX and L.

Khan Academy logo featuring a hand reaching up towards a multitude of green leaves apred out in the shape of a tree

Khan Academy This free website is arguably the best place for students who need help and practice with math to check out.  The website boasts tons of videos filled with examples and explanations from all branches of math.

Web Math icon featuring a hand drawn transparent cube with its vertices labeled A through H

Web Math This website is brought to you by the same people who offer the IDEAL Web Math apps described in the Math > Android > Free section. You can type in actual math questions and get explanations of the work required. Great for studying and checking your work!

Web 2.0 Calc icon featuring a '2.0' in front of a blue backdrop

Web2.0Calc Awesome free scientific calculator website! Can handle fractions, exponents, roots, etc.; all you have to do is type them in! The calculator is a two line-calculator which means it will display what you are typing so you know how the calculator is interpreting your inputs. Can also do graphs!

Relaxing and Sleeping



White Noise Free Sleep Sounds icon featuring three digital sound bars underlined by a heart monitor wave both on a pink backdrop

White Noise Free Sleep Sounds Similar to the background noise apps in the Studying section but is more focused on helping you relax and sleep.  Hosts many customizable features!

Sleep Pillow Sounds icon featuring a cartoon owl sitting on a pillow looking sleepy in front of a starry night backdrop

Sleep Pillow Sounds Similar to the background noise apps in the Studying section but is more focused on helping you relax and sleep.  Hosts many customizable features! ($1.99)

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