AccessAbility Services

Accommodation Letter Request Process

AccessAbility Services (AAS) will not automatically contact faculty members regarding accommodations. Each semester, students approved for accommodations must request electronic accommodation letters be sent to their faculty members through Accommodate. AAS recommends students request accommodation letters two to three weeks before a semester starts. Once accommodation letters are requested, the student is responsible for following the appropriate guidelines and procedures. Students who would like to request additional accommodations should schedule a time to meet with the Director.

Students should follow the process below to request electronic accommodation letters. Once letters are sent to instructors, AccessAbility Services recommends the student set up a meeting to discuss their accommodations with each faculty member.

  1. Go to: Accommodate
  2. Enter your user name (i.e. morel001) and email passwordAccommodate login screen
  3. Click the “Accommodation” tab from the left navigation menu. If you do not see a menu, look at the top of the screen and click the three lines to view the menu. Select “Semester Request” from the options that appear. Left navigation - Accommodation - Semester Request
  4. To make a request for this semester, select “New Semester Accommodation Letter Request”. Scroll down and click “Add New” button.New semester accommodation letter request
  5. Under the blue box showing your approved accommodations, select current semester on the left: Semester request screen
  6. Your currently enrolled classes will show on the right. Select “Review The Renewal”. Review your semester accommodation letter request. If you do not need an accommodation in a particular class, please unselect the class. For accommodations that are not tied to academics (i.e., housing), please select “Remove Accommodation”. This will tell me not to notify your faculty members of that accommodation. Please make sure that you review each and every accommodation and deselect any classes that you do not need. Accommodation approvals
  7. Once the Accessibility Accommodation Request is complete, click Submit.

Note: Accommodation letters are not automatically created each semester. You MUST request accommodation letters at the start of each semester through the process outlined above. AccessAbility Services recommends you request accommodation letters 2 – 3 weeks before the semester starts. Should you change your schedule, you are responsible for requesting accommodation letters for new classes through the same process. Once accommodation letters are requested, you are responsible for following the established Guidelines and Procedures for your specific accommodations. The Guidelines and Procedures can be accessed online at:

Requesting Accommodation Letters Video: Requesting Semester Accommodation Letters