AccessAbility Services

Faculty Accommodate Portal

Accommodate is a web-based system used by AccessAbility Services (AAS) to manage all accommodation-related requests and information. Faculty members can access accommodation details on students, see who the assigned notetaker is for a particular course, and view testing appointments all through Accommodate. Students with disabilities will use Accommodate to request accommodation letters, request exam proctoring, receive copies of notes, and request their textbooks in alternative formats.

All of the options available to faculty in Accommodate are available in the left navigation menu under the Accommodation Letter and Courses tabs on the home page. Options for faculty include viewing the list of enrolled students, viewing and approving room bookings, uploading exams, and viewing course notes.

Left Navigation Options

Accommodation Letters
On the left navigation menu, you will see a tab called “Accommodation Letters”. To add accommodation letters to your Accommodate portal, follow these directions or view our “Adding Accommodation Letters to Accommodate” video.

The left navigation also has a tab called “Courses”. Under this tab, you will find additional information about each of your classes. Please view our “Reviewing Accommodate Course Tab” video for additional assistance.

  • Enrolled Students Tab
    Within each individual class listed in your “Courses” tab, you can view the “Enrolled Students” tab. This will allow faculty members to view a list of every student enrolled in their course. If a student has requested a semester accommodation letter for the course, approved accommodations are shown on this page. If a student has been hired as a note-taker for the course, you will see a large note-taker box next to their name. Faculty members are still responsible for reading the Electronic Accommodation Letter sent through email, but this provides a quick view of all students and their accommodations.
  • AAS Exam Proctoring Tab
    All student requests to take an exam in AAS will appear in the AAS Exam Proctoring tab. Exams listed in the “AAS Pending Processing” are exams not yet processed by AAS. Exams in the “Faculty Proctoring Instructions” need to be given proctoring directions. Please follow the step-by-step guide or video instructions.
  • Course Notes Tab
    Some students are approved to receive notes as an accommodation. If a note-taker has been hired for your course, you can see all of the notes uploaded by the note-taker in this tab. If you wish, you can also upload notes or copies of your presentations for the student receiving accommodations.