Music Department

Department of Music: Minor in Music

To be considered for admission to the minor program at WestConn, a student must be enrolled in an academic major other than music and must formally audition for the Department of Music. An average GPA of 2.30 in all minor courses must be maintained to fulfill the requirements of the minor. Forms for applying for this minor area of study can be obtained in the Office of the Dean of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, VPAC, Room 104, or in the Office of the Department of Music, VPAC, Room 218.


MUS 108, 109 Music Theory I & II (2-2) 4 SH
MUS 114, 115 Sight Singing/Ear Training I, II (2-2) 4 SH
MUS 230, 231 Music History & Literature I, II (3-3) 6 SH
MUS 182, 183 Applied Music (1-1) 2 SH
Music Performance Ensembles (.5-.5-.5-.5) 2 SH
18 SH
  • A completed “Minor in Music Application Form” (available in the Office of the Department of Music, VPAC 218) must be submitted to the Department of Music chair.
  • Upon successful completion of the requirements listed above, the student must notify the Registrar’s Office that this minor should be included on his/her official transcript.