Department of Music : Performance Ensembles

Vocal Ensembles

The WCSU Chamber Singers is the top auditioned choral ensemble at the university. Numbering from 24-30 singers, this ensemble demands high levels of musicianship, engagement, and outside commitment from its participants. The ensemble specializes in music from multiple eras and cultures that was composed for more intimate, thus “chamber,” settings. Performing in this ensemble provides a contrast to the mission and repertoire of the other two choral groups.



The University Choir is the main auditioned vocal ensemble at WCSU. Designed for 48-60 students, its mission is to provide the finest level of choral artistry to a broader group of students. Unlike its partner, The Chamber Singers, the University Choir performs music written for larger forces. Its eclectic presentations include instruments, staging, and mixed media, in addition to performances of traditional repertoire.




The Concert Chorale (formerly The Concert Choir) is the large, non-auditioned, multi-leveled vocal ensemble available to all students at WCSU. Its mission is broad and varied, as the ensemble joins with regional orchestras for masterworks, performs choral music from a broad range of styles and cultures, and serves as a laboratory for music education students about to enter the profession. Students from other majors in the university have to opportunity to continue their interest in singing, using their participation as a welcome respite to their studies.







The Opera Ensemble performs a full-scale staged opera every spring semester, and performs shorter operas each fall semester.