Department of Music



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The purpose of the audition is to assess both current ability and the potential to complete the preferred degree program. Candidates will be evaluated on pitch accuracy, correct and steady rhythm, tone quality, and the ability to make expressive musical statements.

In addition to the performance portion of the audition, all candidates will be assessed on the following:

  • Music theory placement assessment that includes note identification in treble and bass clefs
  • Vocal pitch matching
  • Rhythm Reading
  • Sight Singing

WCSU does not specify audition repertoire; students are encouraged to consult with their private teacher to choose literature that best demonstrates their ability and potential. Woodwind, Brass, String and Keyboard candidates will be assessed on the following, in addition to their selected literature:

  • 12 major scales with arpeggios
  • 2 octave chromatic scale starting on the note of their choosing.
  • Sight reading

Suggested literature for each instrument / voice is listed below.  NOTE:  All State and Regional pieces from state contests (CMEA, NYSSMA, Etc.) are acceptable choices.





Piano / Keyboard