Department of Music

Performing Artist Health and Safety Information

The WCSU Music Department is an Institutional Member of the  opens in a new windowPerforming Arts Medicine Association (PAMA). Students are encouraged to supplement information obtained in their lessons, master classes, and guest lectures regarding performing artist health and safety issues by utilizing some of the resources listed below. Additionally, SVPA students are encouraged to become student members of PAMA in order to obtain information about local resources available. To become a student member of PAMA, please go to:


Injury Prevention and Performing Artist Health

Protecting Your Hearing Health

Musculoskeletal Health and Injury

Psychological Health

Equipment and Technology Safety

  • Students working as stage managers in Veronica Hagman Concert Hall must complete a training session on how to safely move the grand pianos on stage. Contact Laura Piechotacreate new email for information.
  • Students working as audio/recording technicians must complete a training session on how to safely use the sound system and recording equipment, and how to safely lift and carry stage monitors. Contact Dr. O’Gradycreate new email for information.

Acoustic Conditions in Practice, Rehearsal, and Performance Facilities

  • Although WCSU’s acoustically-treated practice, rehearsal, and performance facilities meet  opens in a new windowOSHA Noise Standards, students must be mindful of exposure to excessive noise levels for extended periods of time. OSHA guidelines define excessive noise levels as 90 decibels or higher for more than 8 hours. For more information, please  opens in a new windowclick here for a decibel comparison chart.