Department of Music


The Visual and Performing Arts Center, home to the School of Visual and Performing Arts, provides students with facilities of the highest caliber, enhancing their educational experiences. The VPAC boasts a multitude of dynamic spaces to accommodate the needs of artists across all disciplines. The versatile facilities include the Concert Hall, Studio Theatre, Scene Shop, Dressing Rooms, Sculpture Studio, and M.F.A. Studios. This state-of-the-art center provides immeasurable creative and collaborative opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and patrons.





Veronica Hagman Concert Hall features a tri-level, in-the-round seating experience for an audience of up to 350.This elegant space is where beautiful form meets the highest standards of functionality.  Variable acoustics accommodate musicians of all genres, providing specialized acoustic experiences for diverse performers. State-of-the-art performance audio and lighting create the highest quality sensory experiences for both patrons and performers. The Concert Hall also boasts 5.1 HD recording and two Concert Grand pianos: a Steinway Model “D” (Hamburg) and a Yamaha CFX, the flagship of the Yamaha concert piano line.




The WCSU Recording Studio in the Visual and Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art facility that functions as a classroom, lab, and professional recording studio. Featuring a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality console, a vast array of microphones, outboard gear, software plugins, and the ability to mix and master audio in stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 surround, the studio provides WCSU students with professional-level equipment and space in which to learn the skills necessary for success in the music industry.





The Music Technology Lab is a 20-station classroom with Yamaha Clavinovas, iMac computers, Avid MBox interfaces, and Arturia Keylab MIDI controllers at each station. Software includes Finale, Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Ableton Live, Pyware, and a large collection of software synthesizers and samplers including Native Instruments Komplete, Omnisphere, Metasynth, and East/West Orchestral Samples.







The Electronic Music Workshop is a space dedicated to sound design, composition, and sonic experimentation. It is equipped with a Mac Pro computer, a Yamaha Motif workstation, a Moog Voyager, Roland V-Drums, an Ableton Push controller, an Arturia Beatstep sequencer, a Moog Theremin, and various sound modules.








General-use Practice Rooms

Piano Practice Rooms



Practice Rooms can be found throughout the VPAC for student use. In addition to standard practice rooms there are dedicated Piano Practice Rooms, Percussion Practice Rooms, and Audio Production Practice Rooms.



Percussion Practice Rooms

Technology-Enhanced Practice Rooms