Why You Should Major or Minor in Philosophy!

(a) Studying philosophy is excellent preparation for any career.

The success of philosophy majors on graduate school admission tests demonstrates that studying philosophy is good preparation for any future career:
• On the GRE philosophy majors have the highest average verbal reasoning and analytic writing scores of students in any major, and have the highest average quantitative reasoning score of students in any humanities major.
• On the LSAT philosophy majors have the highest average score of students in any humanities major, and have a higher average score than students in any social science or natural science major, except math and economics. 
• On the GMAT philosophy majors have a higher average score than students in any major, except math.
• On the MCAT philosophy majors score higher than any other humanities major.

(b) A philosophy major or minor will open doors for you, and it will help you stand out when you apply for jobs or grad school.

Anyone looking at your resume will be impressed by a philosophy major or minor. It means that you have a well-rounded education and that you are capable of thinking independently about challenging questions. In philosophy classes you gain valuable thinking skills that can prepare you for work or graduate study in any field. Philosophy classes teach you to recognize assumptions, think logically, solve complex problems, understand both sides of an argument, ask the right questions, and communicate your ideas effectively. These are skills that are valuable in any field, and they are also skills that will help you adapt as your profession changes.

(c) You really can do anything with a degree in philosophy. For example, the following people were all philosophy majors in college:

Actors, comedians, entertainers, athletes:

George Carlin
Stephen Colbert
Ricky Gervais
Jimmy Kimmel
Harrison Ford
Steve Martin
Alex Trebek
Bruce Lee
Richard Gere
Susan Sarandon
David Duchovny
Phil Jackson
Arian Foster

Politicians, judges, social activists:

Rudi Giuliani
Stephen Breyer
David Souter
George Stephanopoulos
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Aung San Suu Kyi
Elie Wiesel

Business leaders:

George Soros
Carl Icahn
Carli Fiorina
Gerald Levin
Michael McKaskey

Writers, filmmakers, musicians:

Wes Anderson
Ethan Coen
Elmore Leonard
Alexander Solzhenitsin
Chaim Potok
David Foster Wallace
Terence Malick
Umberto Eco
Ken Follett
Philip Glass
Neil Peart
T. S. Eliot
Michael Haneke
Errol Morris
Pearl Buck
Christopher Hitchens



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