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What are some of our alumni doing?

A philosophy major alumna Sarah Wright is traveling to Peru in July on a responsible volunteering trip. Here’s more information:

I recently graduated from WCSU in May 2018. I created a contract major in Philosophy, with a focus on applied ethics. I enjoy reading theories that define how we ought to look at our actions and thoughts from a moralistic viewpoint. I took classes that ranged from existentialism, death, law and legal theory, and sustainability. After graduation, I decided I’d rather travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles before applying to graduate school. I’ve become a member of a non-profit organization, called Operation Groundswell. Their philosophy is backpacking with a purpose, it promotes ethical travel with responsible volunteering. This summer I’ll be traveling to remote villages up in the Andes Mountains of Peru. I’ll be doing volunteer work on a sustainable farm, learning about traditional and organic agricultural practices. I’ve chosen to become a member of Operation Groundswell because I loved the idea of ethical travel. I became captivated by the idea of being able to travel to non-tourist areas. I greatly appreciated the aspect of being able to learn and experience the culture from the natives, and then help the villages with specific projects, all while being able to appreciate the beauty of the Andes Mountains. Before I depart, I’m trying to raise money for the villages I’ll be doing volunteer work at, and the donations will be used towards future projects. I’ve started fundraising within my town and place of work. The gratitude I have for being able to participate in experiencing the culture of Peru first hand is inexplicable. My journey to Peru will be filled with nothing but gratitude and love.

If you want to help Sarah with her fundraising effort please click here

2019 Arts and Sciences Honors Convocation

Darcy Curillo, Outstanding Interdisciplinary Studies Major, and Dr. Çiğdem Üsekes


2018 Arts and Sciences Honors Convocation

Left to right, standing: Amanda Vitti, Outstanding Philosophy Major; Nancy Xu, Outstanding Interdisciplinary Studies Major; Ciera Clarke, Outstanding Interdisciplinary Studies Major; Christo Hamilakis, Outstanding Philosophy Minor; Dr. Anna Malavisi, Outstanding Philosophy Professor
Left to right, sitting: Honorah Creagh, Outstanding Philosophy Minor; Alex Schick, Outstanding Philosophy Major


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