Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

Welcome to The Great Leap

April 13th, 2022


As our society trends towards the secular, it seems the contemporary mindset has packaged philosophy with theology, mysticism, and spirituality– misunderstanding, conflating, and dismissing the merits of all. It views philosophy as archaic or outdated, perhaps as something that once had a place in society but no longer holds value. It ignores the beauty of the pursuit of truth, the awe that comes with a person being face to face, as F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “with something commensurate to his capacity for wonder.”

Since its conception in Greece some two millennia ago, philosophy has invited all to look beyond the superficiality of existence and to question the mundane. It is this tradition that led to the natural sciences and academia as they exist today, and it is with this tradition in mind that I encourage each reader to explore the opportunities philosophy presents to deepen your understanding of your world.

Welcome to The Great Leap.

-Travis Gebing


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