Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Minor in Intellectual History

Intellectual history is the history of ideas. While arguably every class you take at a university in some sense deals with the history of ideas, the history and philosophy classes selected for this minor have a particular focus on the way that ideas have affected human history. Up to 9 credits of this minor can come from your major field, so history majors may be able to complete this minor just by taking three additional philosophy classes.  This minor will also complement any other major, since it will demonstrate that you have a good understanding of both the history of philosophy and the philosophy of history.

Minor in Intellectual History

A minor in intellectual history requires 18 credits: 9 credits of History and 9 credits of Philosophy selected from the following courses:

History Courses

  • HIS 211 American Legal History 
  • HIS 262 The History of the American Constitution
  • HIS 287 History of Chinese Religions
  • HIS 288 Renaissance, Reformation and the Age of Exploration
  • HIS 289 Scientific Revolution and Age of Enlightenment 
  • HIS 302 The American Revolution: 1763-1789 
  • HIS 303 The Age of Jefferson 
  • HIS 304 The Antebellum Era, 1815-1861 
  • HIS 388:  Modern Vietnam:  Memory and History
  • HIS 415 American Intellectual History 
  • HIS 450 Historiography 

Philosophy Courses

  • PHI 231 Ancient Philosophy
  • PHI 232 Medieval Philosophy
  • PHI 233 Modern Philosophy
  • PHI 234 19th & 20th Century Philosophy
  • PHI/WS 339 Women in the History of Philosophy